Featured on the NISO Homepage in 2011 

New Issue of NISO’s Information Standards Quarterly Magazine Focuses on Benefits of Standards Implementation (December 20, 2011)
The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) announces the publication of the Fall 2011 issue of the Information Standards Quarterly (ISQ) magazine with a special issue theme of Standards Implementation Benefits. In this issue of ISQ, we provide several specific examples of the benefits of implementing standards, ranging from savings in staff time to improved customer service and a way to attract new customers. [Read press release]   [Go to ISQ issue]

NISO and Open Archives Initiative Receive Grant from Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to Create Resource Synchronization Standard (December 14, 2011)
The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) and the Open Archives Initiative have been awarded a $222,000 grant for a joint project to develop a new open standard on the real-time synchronization of Web resources. Increasingly, large-scale digital collections are available from multiple hosting locations, are cached at multiple servers, and leveraged by several services. This proliferation of replicated copies of works or data on the Internet has created an increasingly challenging problem of keeping the repositories’ holdings and the services that leverage them up-to-date and accurate. As we move from a Web of documents to a Web of data, synchronization becomes even more important: decisions made based on unsynchronized or incoherent scientific or economic data can have serious deleterious impact. [More Information]

NISO Endorses BISG Policy on the Use of ISBNs for E-books (December 8, 2011)
The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) is pleased to support and endorse the Book Industry Study Group’s new policy statement, Best Practices for Identifying Digital Products. This publication will help to clarify the increasingly complex problems associated with the identification of electronic books in the supply chain. [More Information]

NISO Issues COUNTER-SUSHI Implementation Profile for Public Comment (December 7, 2011)
The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) announces the availability of NISO SUSHI Protocol: COUNTER-SUSHI Implementation Profile (NISO RP-14-201X) for a public comment period ending on January 20, 2012. This Recommended Practice provides a practical implementation structure to be used in the creation of reports and services related to harvesting of COUNTER Release 4 reports using the NISO SUSHI Protocol. The Standardized Usage Statistics Harvesting (SUSHI) Protocol was issued as a standard (ANSI/NISO Z39.93) in 2007 to simplify and automate the harvesting of COUNTER usage reports by libraries from the growing number of information providers they work with. COUNTER (Counting Online Usage of Networked Electronic Resources) is an international initiative that published their first Code of Practice in 2003 and issued Draft Release 4 of the COUNTER Code of Practice for e-Resources in October 2011. The comment period for the COUNTER-SUSHI Implementation Profile and COUNTER Release 4 end on the same date. XML schemas supporting the draft Implementation Profile and draft Release 4 of the Counter Code of Practice have also been published by NISO for review during the comment period. [More Information]

NISO Publishes Recommended Practice on Single Sign-on Authentication (November 7, 2011)
The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) announces the publication of a new Recommended Practice, ESPReSSO: Establishing Suggested Practices Regarding Single Sign-On (NISO RP-11-2011), that identifies practical solutions for improving the use of single sign-on authentication technologies to ensure a seamless experience for the user. This recommended practice is the result of the NISO Chair's Initiative—a project of the chair of NISO's Board of Directors, focusing on a specific issue that would benefit from study and the development of a recommended practice or standard. Oliver Pesch, Chief Strategist for E-Resource Access and Management Services at EBSCO Information Services and the 2008-2009 Chair of NISO’s Board of Directors, chose the issue of standardizing seamless, item-level linking through single sign-on (SSO) authentication technologies in a networked information environment, which resulted in the formation of the ESPReSSO Working Group. [More Information]

NISO Launches New Open Discovery Initiative to Develop Standards and Recommended Practices for Library Discovery Services Based on Indexed Search (October 25, 2011)
The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) voting members have approved a new Open Discovery Initiative work item to develop standards and recommended practices for next generation library discovery services. Using an aggregated index search of a wide range of resources, licensed and free, from multiple providers, these discovery services have the ability to deliver more sophisticated services with instant performance, compared to the federated search techniques previously used. [More Information]

NISO Launches New Initiative to Develop Standards for Digital Bookmarking and Annotation Sharing (October 11, 2011)
The National Information Standards Organization voting members have approved a new work item to develop a standard syntax for how bookmarks and notes should be located in digital texts and shared with others, especially in online environments that might be continually updated or mutable. The ability to accurately refer to a specific location within a digital text is fundamental for bookmarking and annotations in a digital environment. For both casual readers as well as professional and academic researchers, such pointers must be recognized across reading systems to enable social uses of books, articles and grey literature that range from personal memory aids to citations and critical analysis, as well as deep inter-linking. [More Information

Now Available: October Issue of Working Group Connection (October 5, 2011)
Working Group Connection is a quarterly supplement to the monthly NISO Newsline e-newsletter, published in January, April, July, and October. Working Group Connection provides the latest news from NISO's working groups and committees. Working Group Connection will keep you up-to-date on the progress of all of the standards and recommended practices in development and maintenance, letting you know both what is new and what is forthcoming. [October issue]

Newest Issue of NISO's Information Standards Quarterly Magazine Focuses on Organization and People Identifiers (September 21, 2011)
Guest Content Editor, Helen Henderson, Managing Director at Information Power Ltd. has assembled an excellent overview of the major standards and initiative on the special issue theme of Organization and People Identifiers. As she states in her introductory letter: “Identifiers have always been essential standards in libraries and publishing. Content identifiers, such as the ISBN, are well established, but institutional and personal identifiers are much newer, the need having emerged as more and more content is available electronically.” Both the entire issue and individual articles may be freely downloaded. Visit: www.niso.org/publications/isq/2011/v23no3/. [More Information]

NISO Welcomes the American Theological Library Association (ATLA) as a returning Voting Member (September 6, 2011)
Established in 1946, ATLA is a professional association of nearly 1,000 individual, institutional, and affiliate members with a mission of fostering the study of theology and religion by enhancing the development of theological and religious studies libraries and librarianship. ATLA is also a publisher of electronic resources such as the ATLA Religion Database® and ATLASerials®, and recently acquired the Catholic Periodical and Literature Index™. ATLA produces the online versions of the Old Testament Abstracts in partnership with the Catholic Biblical Association and the New Testament Abstracts in partnership with Boston College. Working with EBSCO Publishing, they are creating an online digital archive of religion and theology monographs going back to the 13th century. ATLA also edits three book series published by The Scarecrow Press: the ATLA Bibliography Series, the ATLA Monograph Series, and the ATLA Reference and Professional SeriesBrenda Bailey-Hainer, ATLA’s Executive Director, is the primary voting representative for ATLA. Tami Luedtke, Director of Electronic Products & Services, is the alternate. For more information, visit their website: http://www.atla.com/.

NISO Recommended Practice on Test Modes for SUSHI Servers Issued for Trial Use (August 1, 2011)
The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) announces the availability of the recommended practice Providing a Test Mode for SUSHI Servers (NISO RP-13-201x) for a trial use period ending January 31, 2012. The Standardized Usage Statistics Harvesting Initiative (SUSHI) Protocol is a NISO standard (ANSI/NISO Z39.93-2007) that automates the retrieval of COUNTER usage statistics by libraries. The process of developing a SUSHI client requires testing against the SUSHI servers where usage data is expected to be harvested. The new Recommended Practice describes how content providers should provide access to their SUSHI Servers in a test mode so that clients can be set up easier and faster, which is of benefit to both libraries and content providers. [More Information]

NISO Recommended Practice on Physical Delivery of Library Resources Available for Public Comment (July 8, 2011)
The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) announces the availability of Physical Delivery of Library Resources (NISO RP-12-201x) for a public comment period ending on August 21, 2011. The physical delivery of library materials is an integral component of the library resource sharing process. Despite the ever-increasing availability of electronic journals, e-books, and other digital resources, the movement of physical items remains a major concern and a major cost for many libraries. In one state, borrowing of returnable items increased by 107.4% in six years. A recent study showed that the average academic library spends more than $6,800/year for delivery services, with some libraries paying as high as $60,000. [More Information]

NISO Publishes Special E-book Issue of Information Standards Quarterly (July 7, 2011)
The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) announces the publication of the Spring 2011 issue of the Information Standards Quarterly (ISQ) magazine with a special issue theme of Views of the E-book Renaissance. ISQ Guest Content Editor, October Ivins of Ivins eContent Solutions has pulled together a broad range of perspectives on what is happening today with e-books and particularly with e-book standards. As she states in her introductory letter: "Our goal for this issue of ISQ is to present an overview of the status of e-books from multiple perspectives-publishers and other content producers, librarians, and the many vendors who support their creation, management, sales, and distribution. Not coincidentally, it also illustrates the scope of the NISO community." [More Information]

NISO Receives Mellon Foundation Grant to Support Standards Development Pre-work with the Internet Archive for E-Book Annotation Sharing (July 6, 2011)
The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) has been awarded a $48,500 grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to fund two standards incubation workshops, which it will lead with the Internet Archive, on the topic of E-Book Annotation Sharing and Social Reading. These meetings will be held in conjunction with the Frankfurt Book Fair in Frankfurt, Germany, on October 10, 2011, and the Books In Browsers Meeting in San Francisco, on October 26, 2011. The Mellon Foundation grant will pay for the planning, organization, and direct meeting expenses for the two workshops, for which NISO will conduct the majority of the planning, organization and logistical support. [More Information]

NISO Elects New Vice Chair and Directors to Serve Community (June 22, 2011)
The membership of the National Information Standards Organization (NISO) has elected new leadership for the 2011-2012 term that begins on July 1, 2011. Bruce Heterick, Vice President, Outreach & Participation Services for Portico and JSTOR, who was elected last year and has served as Vice Chair during the current term, will become Chair of NISO for the 2011-12 term. Barbara Preece has been elected to serve as Vice Chair of the NISO Board of Directors. She will transition into the chairmanship in the 2012-13 term. Preece is Dean of the Library, California State University, San Marcos. She has been active in library and library consortium management for many years, and has written extensively in the area of patron initiated interlibrary loan and document delivery. She currently serves as a member of NISO’s Board of Directors. [More Information]

UKSG and NISO Announce Eight More Publishers Endorse KBART (June 13, 2011)
UKSG and the National Information Standards Organization (NISO) are pleased to announce that another eight publishers are now able to supply metadata that conforms to the recommended practice, KBART: Knowledge Bases And Related Tools (NISO RP-9-2010). Endorsement of this publication, which contains practical recommendations for the timely exchange of accurate metadata between content providers and knowledge base developers, indicates that the format and content of data supplied by the publisher to knowledge bases and related tools conform to the KBART recommendations. [More Information]

NISO and BISG to Hold 5th Annual Changing Standards Landscape Forum at the 2011 ALA Annual Conference (June 6, 2011)
Building on four years of successful co-programming, the National Information Standards Organization (NISO) and the Book Industry Study Group (BISG) will again co-host The Changing Standards Landscape during the 2011 American Library Association Annual Conference in New Orleans on Friday, June 24, 2011, from 12:00 - 4:00 p.m. This year's forum will focus on E-books: Intersections Where Libraries and Publishers Can Learn from Each Other. Electronic books have exploded in the past 18 months, and publishing and library communities alike are struggling to deal with the constantly shifting ground. This program will explore how both the publishing and library communities are facing the new digital marketplace, with a special focus on the standards that underlie the e-book supply chain. [More information]

NISO Recommended Practice on Single Sign-On Authentication Available for Public Comment (May 24, 2011)
The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) announces the availability of ESPReSSO: Establishing Suggested Practices Regarding Single Sign-On (NISO RP-11-201x) for a thirty day public comment period ending on June 22, 2011. ESPReSSO identifies practical solutions for improving the use of single sign-on authentication technologies to ensure a seamless experience for the user. [More Information]

NISO Revised Recommended Practice for RFID in U.S. Libraries Available for Public Comment (May 12, 2011)
The National Information Standards Organization announces the availability of RFID in U.S. Libraries (NISO RP-6-201x) for a thirty day public comment period, beginning immediately and ending on June 9, 2011. This revision of the 2008 Recommended Practice recommends a set of practices and procedures to ensure interoperability among U.S. RFID implementations in libraries. By following these recommendations, libraries can ensure that an RFID tag in one library can be used seamlessly by another, even if they have different suppliers for tags, hardware, and software. [More Information]

NISO Launches E-book Special Interest Group (May 4, 2011)
The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) and its Architecture Committee are pleased to announce the creation of a Special Interest Group focused on E-books (the NISO E-book SIG). Simultaneous with the formation of the group, NISO is issuing a call for participation in the E-book SIG and its associated monitoring group. The E-book SIG will explore a range of industry best practices and standards related to the creation, distribution, discovery, delivery, and preservation of digital book content. [More Information]

NISO Announces Appointment of Nettie Lagace to Lead Education and Standards Development Initiatives (May 3, 2011)
NISO is pleased to announce the appointment of Nettie Lagace as Associate Director for Programs. Nettie will be responsible for directing NISO's educational and standards development initiatives. In addition to participation in NISO's strategic orientation, Nettie will contribute to the expansion of NISO's membership and portfolio of projects. [More information]

NISO Issues Journal Article Tag Suite Standard for Trial Use (March 30, 2011)
JATS: Journal Article Tag Suite, NISO Z39.96-201x, is a new draft standard available for trial use through September 30, 2011. JATS provides a common XML format in which publishers and archives can exchange journal content by preserving the intellectual content of journals independent of the form in which that content was originally delivered. The draft standard defines elements and attributes for describing the textual and graphical content of journal articles as well as some non-article material, such as letters, editorials, and book and product reviews. The trial period will enable users to test the standard in real-life implementations and provide feedback. Once feedback is reviewed and NISO finalizes the standard, the final version will be submitted to ANSI for approval as an American National Standard. [More Information]

NISO Revised Standard for Authoring and Interchange Framework Issued as Draft Standard for Trial Use (March 29, 2011)
The Authoring and Interchange Framework (NISO Z39.86-201x) is now available as a draft standard for trial use for six months, beginning immediately and ending on September 28, 2011. The standard defines how to create conformant profiles for representing digital information resources in XML to produce documents suitable for transformation into different universally accessible formats. This is a revision, extension, and enhancement of the 2005 version of the standard for the specification of the digital talking book, commonly referred to as the DAISY standard. [More Information]

NISO issues call for Nominations for NISO Board of Directors (March 24, 2011)
Pursuant to NISO’s Bylaws, the Nominating Committee of NISO has posted a call for nominations for the positions for: Vice-Chair (succeeding to Chair) and Directors for the 2011-12 term.  Please submit any nominations to the NISO office via email to Todd Carpenter, NISO Managing Director. [More information]

Information Standards Quarterly Winter 2011 issue now available in open access on the NISO website (March 23, 2011)
NISO’s first open access issue of Information Standards Quarterly (ISQ) is now available on the NISO website. The full issue as well as individual articles are available for free download in PDF format. ISQ Winter 2011 is our annual Year in Review and State of the Standards issue. It includes a downloadable portfolio, listing all of NISO’s published standards, recommended practices, and technical reports as well as the status of all the in-development work. In addition to the NISO and TC46 Year in Review articles, you will find contributed articles on SUSHI Implementation Experiences, the OpenURL Maintenance Agency, a member spotlight on the the American Psychological Association, and a report on NISO's ESPReSSO working group. [Review the full table of contents.]

NISO and UKSG Announce 30 More Publishers Endorse KBART (March 21, 2011)
The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) and UKSG are pleased to announce that another 30 publishers are now able to supply metadata that conforms to the recommended practice, KBART: Knowledge Bases And Related Tools (NISO RP-9-2010). Endorsement of this publication, which contains practical recommendations for the timely exchange of accurate metadata between content providers and knowledge base developers, indicates that the format and content of data supplied by the publisher to knowledge bases and related tools conform to the KBART recommendations. [More Information

NISO and DCMI Partner to Provide Series of Educational Webinars in 2011 (February 25, 2011)
The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) and the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI) are pleased to announce that they will be continuing their educational partnership in 2011 with three joint webinars on topics related to metadata, interoperability, and semantic linking. The first webinar in the series will take place on March 26, 2011 on the topic of Metadata Harmonization: Making standards work together, featuring...[Read more]

NISO Welcomes LYRASIS (January 31, 2011) 
NISO is pleased to welcome LYRASIS as a new NISO voting member. Created in 2009 by the merger of PALINET and SOLINET and joined shortly thereafter by NELINET, the organization has a history dating back to 1936 of supporting libraries and information professionals through collaboration, consulting, digital and preservation services, professional development, and group purchases. The name LYRASIS was inspired by the constellation of “Lyra,” one of the galaxy's brightest stars and guiding lights, and the suffix, “sis” which denotes a process of change. Their name reflects their objective "to provide guidance to information professionals and support them and their institutions as they serve their communities through the ever-changing library landscape." LYRASIS recently won a $1.4 million grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to improve preservation of significant photographic collections held in Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). A second Mellon grant will support the development of services to assist libraries in the choice, implementation, and use of open source software applications. LYRASIS is currently forming member/advisory interest groups--in the areas of academic library e-content, cataloging & metadata, collection development & management, ILL & resource sharing, presentation & digitization, public library e-content, reference & discovery, and technology--to strengthen communication and knowledge sharing in the community.  Peter Murray, Assistant Director for Technology Service Development, is the primary LYRASIS representative to NISO. Tim Daniels, Manager Technology Services, is the alternate.

SERU Survey Now Available (January 26, 2011)
This brief, four-question survey will be used to better understand how much SERU is being used now and to confirm accurate SERU Registry information. Please provide your feedback by February 4, 2011.

NISO Welcomes Millersville University (January 24, 2011)
NISO is pleased to welcome Millersville University as a new NISO Library Standards Alliance (LSA) Premier member. Located in Millersville in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Millersville University began in 1855 as a teacher's college and transformed to a university in 1983. The Ganser University Library's mission is to "provide leadership in the discovery, access, use, and evaluation of information… provide faculty, students, staff, and the broader community with information in many subject areas…[and to] build, organize, maintain and preserve collections of information integral to the University’s mission…." As part of the Keystone Library Network, Millersville University participates in contributing digitized primary source materials to the KLN Digital Collections. Through a grant-funded project, in collaboration with Dickinson College, the library has created the website Slavery and Abolition in the US, a collection of digitized 19th-century books and pamphlets. This summer the Library will begin an extensive renovation project to provide a 21st century space for students and faculty as well as an expanded, climate-controlled and secure space for the University Archives and Special Collections.Millersville University's primary representative to NISO is Scott R. Anderson, Information Systems Librarian. Jesse Holden, Coordinator of Technical Services, and Chip German, V.P. for Information Resources, are alternate representatives.

NISO Welcomes the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) (January 4, 2011)
NISO is pleased to welcome the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) as a new Library Standards Alliance (LSA) Premier member. The mission of Caltech is "to expand human knowledge and benefit society through research integrated with education." Located in Pasadena, California, Caltech is also home to the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The Caltech Libraries, in addition to developing and managing print and electronic collections and database access, maintain the Collection Of Digital Archives (CODA), a repository for scholarly publications by Caltech authors, dissertations, technical reports from academic departments, and Caltech-hosted conference proceedings. The Caltech Archives were established in 1968 “to preserve and make accessible the institutional records, personal papers, documents, artifacts and pictorial materials that tell the school's history.” The archives also include a research collection in the history of science and technology that goes back to the time of Copernicus. Efforts are underway to digitize portions of the paper collections, including original laboratory notebooks, for access through the web. Judith Brott, Library Business Manager, is Caltech’s representative to NISO.