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Title Article: A more perfect union of ID management schemes
Name Article: A more perfect union of ID management schemes (no size)
Description This document is a link to http://gcn.com/articles/2009/04/21/kantara-initiative-for-id-management.aspx
Potentially related to NISO's SSO Work

"A more perfect union of ID management schemes"


Announces “The formation of a new umbrella organization to promote interoperability between existing identity management schemes” called Kantara.

From article:

Identity management is process of users authenticating themselves in order to access online resources, and for providers of those resources to control access by verifying the identity of users according to their policies. This is complicated in the digital world where users are not physically present to prove an identity, and by the fact that most users have multiple identities used for different purposes.

A number of workable technologies for asserting and verifying identity exist, and the development community now is working to bring them together into a single architecture.
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