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E-Book Annotation Sharing and Social Reading
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Standards Portfolio
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E-books: Current Areas of Engagement
- Thought Leader Meetings
- Patron Privacy in Digital Library and Information Systems
Steering Committee
- Alternative Metrics Initiative
Alternative Metrics Initiative Steering Committee Roster
Agenda San Francisco Meeting October 2013
Agenda Washington DC Meeting December 2013
Agenda Philadelphia Meeting January 2014
- Bibliographic Roadmap Project
NISO Bibliographic Roadmap Meeting Agenda
NISO Bibliographic Roadmap Project - Attendees
NISO Bibliographic Roadmap Project Live Stream
Vocabulary Issues Working Group Members
Supplemental Journal Article Materials (1/22/10)
Research Data (10/1/08)
E-learning & CMS (7/16/08)
Digital Libraries and Digital Collections (6/17/08)
Institutional Repositories (2/18/08)
NISO Patron Privacy Initiative
Privacy and Research Data Initiative
- Publications
About ISQ
- 2015 ISQ Issues (v.27)
- Spring 2015 (v.27 no.1)
Letter from the Publisher (Todd A. Carpenter)
NISO 2014 Year in Review (Nettie Lagace)
TC46 2014 Year in Review (Cynthia Hodgson)
Future of Library Discovery Systems (Marshall Breeding)
Noteworthy Spring 2015
State of the Standards (January 31, 2015)
- 2014 ISQ Issues (v.26)
- Spring 2014 (v.26 no.1)
Letter from the Publisher (Todd Carpenter)
NISO 2013 Year in Review (Nettie Lagace)
TC46 2013 Year in Review (Cynthia Hodgson)
NISO Celebrates 75 Years: Milestones July 2009 - December 2013
Noteworthy Spring 2014
State of the Standards, January 31, 2014
- Summer 2014 (v.26 no.2)
Letter from the Guest Content Editor (Liam Earney)
Open Access Infrastructure (Cynthia Hodgson)
Research library perspective (Martin Moyle et al.)
Publisher's perspective (David Ross)
SHARE (Clifford Lynch)
CHORUS (Alice Meadows and Howard Ratner )
Access and Licensing Indicators (Cameron Neylon et al.)
Noteworthy Summer 2014
Standards in Development June 30, 2014
- Fall 2014 (v.26 no.3)
Letter from Guest Content Editor (Andy Dale)
Privacy by Design (Dan Blum)
Library of Congress to Library of Me (Don Hamparian)
Intention Publishing Economy (Doc Searls)
JSON-Based Identity Protocol Suite (Michael B. Jones)
Bibliographic Roadmap and Altmetrics (Nettie Lagace)
Noteworthy Fall 2014
Standards in Development, June 30, 2014
- Winter 2014 (v.26 no.4)
Letter from the Managing Editor (Cynthia A. Hodgson)
Reflections on Library Licensing (Ann Shumelda Okerson)
Linked Content Coalition Framework for Rights Management (Todd Carpenter)
ONIX for Publications Licenses (David Martin)
The Shared Electronic Resource Understanding (SERU) (Adam Chesler and Anne McKee)
Noteworthy Winter 2014
Standards in Development, December 15, 2014
- 2013 ISQ Issues (v.25)
- Spring 2013 (v.25 no.1)
Letter from the Publisher (Todd Carpenter)
NISO 2012 Year in Review (Nettie Lagace)
TC46 2012 Year in Review (Cynthia Hodgson)
JATS (Jeffrey Beck and B. Tommie Usdin)
State of the Standards (January 31, 2013)
- Summer 2013 (v.25 no.2)
Almetrics Have Come of Age (Fenner)
Article-Level Metrics (Chamberlain)
Institutional Altmetrics (Roemer & Borchardt)
Altmetrics in Evolution (Lin & Fenner)
Altmetrics Can Expand Our Vision (Taylor)
When a Scholar Adds a Paper to Mendeley (Gunn)
Sloan Grant Altmetrics Project
Noteworthy Summer 2013
Standards in Development (June 15, 2013)
- Fall 2013 (v.25 no.3)
Letter from the Guest Content Editor (Sarah Callaghan)
Data Curation Issues in the Chemical Sciences (Colin L. Bird, et al.)
Data Curation in the OpenAIRE Scholarly Communication Infrastructure (Jochen Schirrwagen, et al.)
Preserving the Grey Literature Explosion: PDF/A and the Digital Archive (Ray Moore and Tim Evans)
Ensuring the Long Term Impact of Earth Science Data through Data Curation and Preservation (Esther Conway, et al.)
Noteworthy Fall 2013
Standards in Development (September 15, 2013)
- Winter 2013 (v.25 no.4)
Introduction from the Guest Content Editor (Ted Fons)
Are Current Bibliographic Models Suitable for Integration with the Web? (Lars Svensson)
Replacing MARC: Where to Start (Paul Moss)
A Transformative Opportunity: BIBFRAME at the George Washington University, an Early Experimenter (Jackie Shieh)
Interview with Gildas Illien, Director BnF
Schema Bib Extend (Richard Wallis)
The NISO Bibliographic Roadmap initiative (Todd Carpenter)
Noteworthy Winter 2013
Standards in Development, November 15, 2013
- 2012 ISQ Issues (v.24)
Winter 2012 (v.24 no.1)
Spring/Summer 2012 (v.24 no.2/3)
Fall 2012 (v.24 no.4)
- 2011 ISQ Issues (v.23)
Winter 2011 (v.23 no.1)
Spring 2011 (v.23 no.2)
Summer 2011 (v.23 no.3)
Fall 2011 (v.23 no.4)
- 2010 ISQ Issues (v.22)
Winter 2010 (v.22 no.1)
Spring 2010 (v.22 no.2)
- Summer 2010 (v.22 no.3)
Fall 2010 (v.22 no.4)
- 2009 ISQ Issues (v.21)
Winter 2009 (v.21 no.1)
Spring 2009 (v.21 no.2)
Summer 2009 (v.21 no.3)
Fall 2009 (v.21 no.4)
- Archives
ISQ Archives (1989-present)
Voice of Z39 (1979-1984)
News about Z39 (1969-1978)
- Contribute to ISQ
Editorial Calendar
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- Summer and Fall 2015 (v.27 no.2 & 3)
Letter from the Publisher (Todd Carpenter)
A Brief History Of Counter and SUSHI (Oliver Pesch)
The Ongoing Challenges of Citing the Results of Scholarly Research (Maureen C. Kelly)
Crossref Logs its 80,000,000th Item of Scholarly Content (Ed Pentz)
Metadata Through the Pages of Information Standards Quarterly (Linda Ballinger)
Standards for Indexing: Evolution Since 1989 (Judi Gibbs)
ISBN: A History (Stella Griffiths)
Accessibility Makes Strides: The ADA and Related Standards Grow Up (Verma)
State of the Standards (January 1, 2017)
- Newsline
2017 Newsline Issues
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2015 Newsline Issues
2014 Newsline Issues
2013 Newsline Issues
2012 Newsline Issues
2011 Newsline Issues
2010 Newsline Issues
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NISO TR-06-2017
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NISO Understanding Metadata Primer
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Media Coverage
NISO on the Road
- Events
- 2017 Events
NISO @ ALA Mid-Winter 2017 Atlanta
- NISO @ ALA Annual 2017 Chicago
NISO/BISG 11th Annual Changing Standards Landscape
- 2017 NISO Webinars
January 11 - What Can I do With This? Utilizing Content
February 8 - Providing Access: Ensuring Users Can Reach Licensed Content
March 8 - Understanding the Marketplace, Part One
March 15 - Understanding the Marketplace, Part Two
April 12 - Trends in Presentation & Delivery
May 10 - Spotlight on Mobile
June 7 - Enabling Discovery & Retrieval of Non-Traditional Content
August 9 - Spotlight on Supporting Internet Access
September 13 - Digital Literacy, Part One
September 20 - Digital Literacy, Part Two
October 18 - Strategic Directions, Strategic Thinking
November 1 - Engineering Access Under The Hood, Part One
November 15 - Engineering Access Under the Hood, Part Two
December 6 - Tracing Discovery & Subsequent Use
- 2017 NISO Virtual Conferences
February 15 - Institutional Repositories
April 19 - Opening Up Education
June 14 - Images: Digitization and Preservation
August 16 - Research Networks
December 13 - Advancing Altmetrics: Best Practices
May 17 Convergence: The Web and Publishing On To The Web
- 2017 Training Thursdays
February 23 - Training Thursday-Follow-Up-IR
April 27 Training Thursday Discovery & Assessment of OER
December 14 Training Thursday Follow-Up Altmetrics
2017 Open Teleconferences
NISO Working Group Connections Live!
XML for Standards Publishers
NISO Training: Working With Scholarly RESTful APIs
XML For Standards Publishers (Geneva, Switzerland)
- 2016 Events
- 2016 NISO Webinars
January 13: Dealing with Retractions
February 10: The Start Up Effect - How Startups are Changing the Culture of Scholarly Communications
March 16: Privacy Part 1: What Data is Being Collected and By Whom?
March 23: Privacy Part 2: Understanding Privacy Policies
April 13: Supporting Underrepresented Groups in Technology
May 4: Supporting Research On Your Campus
June 8: Integrating Library Management Systems
August 10: How Librarians Use, Implement, and Can Support Researcher Identifiers
September 7: Managing an Open Access World Part 1: Open Access & Acquisitions
September 14: Managing an Open Access World Part 2: Compliance with Funder Mandates
October 19: Internet of Things
November 9: Digital Security Part 1: Securing Library Systems
November 16: Digital Security Part 2: Protecting Library Resources From Piracy
December 14: Make it at the Library: How Does Library Technology Support Makerspaces?
- June 30: 2016 NISO Joint Webinars - Text and Data Mining
2016 NISO Joint Webinars
October 26: 2016 NISO Joint Webinars - Scholarly Communication
- 2016 NISO Virtual Conference
February 17: Using Open Source in Your Institution
April 20: Justifying the Library - Using Assessment to Justify Library Investments
June 15: BIBFRAME & Real World Applications of Linked Bibliographic Data
August 31: Data Curation - Cultivating Past Research Data for Future Consumption
October 5: E-Books
December 7: Making Certain Digital Content is Preserved: Archiving Digital Resources
- 2016 Training Thursdays
February 25: GitHub - How to Use it to Greatest Effect
April 28: Making Assessment Work - Using ORCIDs to Improve Your Institutional Assessments
September 8: Emerging Tools to Improve Management of Data
2016 Open Teleconferences
NISO @ ALA Mid-Winter 2016 Boston
- NISO @ ALA Annual 2016 Orlando
NISO/BISG 10th Annual Changing Standards Landscape
NISO Working Group Connections Live!
Privacy Implications of Research Data: A NISO Symposium
- 2015 Events
NISO @ ALA Mid-Winter 2015
- NISO Webinars
January 14 Net Neutrality: Will Library Resources Be Stuck in the Slow Lane?
February 11: Authority Control: Are You Who We Say You Are?
March 11: Part 1: Is Granularity the Next Discovery Frontier?
March 18: Part 2: Is Granularity the Next Discovery Frontier?
April 8: Experimenting with BibFrame: Reports from Early Adopters
May 13: Software Preservation and Use: I Saved the Files But How Can I Run Them?
June 10: Takin Your Website Wherever You Go: Responsive Web Design
August 12: MOOCs and Libraries: A Brewing Collaboration
September 9: Part 1: The Practicality of Managing "E": Licensing
September 16: Part 2: The Practicality of Managing "E": Staffing
October 14: Cloud and Web Services for Librarians
November 18: Text Mining: Digging Deep for Knowledge
December 9: Part 1: Emerging Resource Types
December 16: Part 2: Emerging Resource Types
NISO Webinars
Nov 10: A Pathway from Open Access and Data Sharing to Open Science in Practice
- NISO Virtual Conferences
February 18: Scientific Data Management
April 29: Expanding the Assessment Toolbox: Blending the Old and New Assessment Practices
June 17: The Eternal To-Do List: Making Ebooks Work in Libraries
September 23: Scholarly Communication Models: Evolution or Revolution?
October 28: Interacting with Content: Improving the User Experience
December 2: The Semantic Web: What's New and Cool
- NISO Training Thursdays - New!
February 26: Crafting a Scientific Data Management Plan
October 1: Using Alerting Systems to Ensure OA Policy Compliance
- NISO Working Group Connections LIVE!
Research Data Metrics Landscape
Open Teleconferences
- NISO @ ALA Annual 2015
- NISO/BISG 9th Annual Changing Standards Landscape
NISO/BISG 9th Annual Changing Standards Landscape
- NISO Forum: The Future of Library Resource Discovery
About the Speakers
- 2014 Events
- NISO Webinars
January 8: From Device to Device: Adaptive Interfaces for Content
February 12: We Know it When We See It: Managing
March 5: Part 1: The Infrastructure of Open Access: Knowing What is Open
March 12: Part 2: The Infrastructure of Open Access: Toward a Functioning Business Ecosystem
April 9: Back from Marrakesh: Implementing an Accessible Content World
May 14: Getting to the Right Content: Link Resolvers and Knowledgebases
June 11: Fragmented Publishing: The Implications of Self-Publishing
August 13: Streamlining and Simplifying: Advances in Consortial Licensing
September 10: Part 1: E-books for Education: Electronic Textbooks: Plug in and Learn
September 17: Part 2: E-books for Education: Open Textbook Initiatives
October 15: 21st Century Resource Sharing: Which Inter-Library Loan Standard Should I Use?
November 12: Keyword Search =
December 10: Part 1: Sustainable Information: Digital Preservation for Text
December 17: Part 2: Sustainable Information: Digital Preservation of Audio-Visual Content
- NISO Virtual Conferences
February 19: The Semantic Web Coming of Age: Technologies and Implementations
April 23: Dealing with the Data Deluge: Successful Techniques for Scientific Data Management
June 18: Transforming Assessment: Alternative Metrics and Other Trends
September 24: Library Data in the Cloud
- October 21-22: Using the Web as an E-Content Distribution Platform: Challenges and Opportunities
November 19: Can't We All Work Together?: Interoperability & Systems Integration
December 3: Connecting the Library to the Wider World
NISO Open Teleconferences
Free Training Programs
NISO @ ALA Mid Winter 2014
- NISO @ ALA Annual 2014
- NISO/BISG 8th Annual Changing Standards Landscape
NISO/BISG 8th Annual Forum (June 27, 2014)
- 2013 Events
- NISO Webinars
January 9: Behave Like a Startup: Adapting Your Organization to Rapid Change
February 13: Metadata for Preservation: A Digital Object's Best Friend
March 6: Evolving Trends in Collection Development Part 1: New Models for Journal Article Access
March 13: Evolving Trends in Collection Development Part 2: Putting the User in the Driver's Seat
April 10: Universal Accessibility: Creating E-Books Anyone Can Read
May 8: Taking Full Advantage: Discovery of Open Access Content
June 12: A Content Stream Runs Through It: Managing Streaming Media Collections in Libraries
August 14: Copyright Decisions: Impact of Recent Cases on Libraries and Publishers
September 11: Research Data Curation Part 1: E-Science Librarianship
September 18: Research Data Curation Part 2: Libraries and Big Data
October 9: Knowledge in Your Pocket: Mobile Technology and Libraries
November 13: New Perspectives on Assessment How Altmetrics Measure Scholarly Impact
December 11: Library Linked Data: From Vision to Reality
- NISO Virtual Conferences
February 20: Future Perfect: How Libraries Are Implementing Emerging Technologies
April 17: EPUB3 and the Future of Interoperable E-books: What Libraries Need to Know
November 20: Web-Scale Discovery Services: Transforming Access to Library Resources
- NISO/DCMI Webinars
January 23: Update on the Bibliographic Framework Initiative
April 24: Deployment of RDA
May 22: Semantic Mashups - VIVO Experiences
September 25: Linked Data in Developing Countries
October 30: Metadata for Public Sector Administration
December 4: Cooperative Authority Control
NISO Open Teleconferences
- NISO Virtual Conf: Impact of Electronic Content
Agenda: Impact of Electronic Content Forum
About the Speakers: Impact of Electronic Content Forum
NISO @ ALA 2013 Midwinter
- NISO @ ALA 2013 Annual
- NISO/BISG 7th Annual Forum (June 28, 2013)
Speaker Biographies
Free Training Programs
- 2012 Events
- NISO Webinars
- January 11: Identify This! Identify That! New Identifiers and New Uses
Event Q&A
- February 8: Embracing the Cloud
Event Q&A
- March 14: EPUB3: Putting Electronic Books into a Package
Event Q&A
- March 21: Find That E-book - or Not: How Metadata Matters
Event Resources
Event Q&A
- April 11: What to Expect When You're Expecting a Platform Change: Perspectives from a Publisher and a Librarian
Event Q&A
May 16: Involving Users in E-book Acquisition and Sharing
May 23: Ensuring the Preservation of E-books
June 13: Making Better Decisions with Usage Statistics
August 8: Content on the Go: Mobile Access to E-Resources
September 12: The Social Reading Experience of Sharing Bookmarks and Annotations
September 26: Discovery and Delivery: Innovations and Challenges
October 10: MARC and FRBR: Friends or Foes?
November 14: Beyond Publish or Perish: Alternative Metrics for Scholarship
December 12: Constellations in the Linked Data Universe
- NISO/DCMI Webinars
- Feb 22: Taking Library Data From Here to There
Event Q&A
- April 25: Schema.org and Linked Data
Event Q&A
August 22: Metadata for Managing Scientific Research Data
Oct. 24: Strategies and Workflows for Publishing with RDFa
NISO Open Teleconferences
NISO @ ALA Midwinter 2012
- NISO @ ALA Annual 2012
- NISO/BISG 6th Annual Forum (June 22, 2012)
Speaker Biographies
NISO Update @ ALA Annual 2012
- NISO Forum: Tracking it Back to the Source: Managing and Citing Research Data
- NISO Forum: The E-book Renaissance, Part II
Speakers - NISO Forum: The E-book Renaissance, Part II
- 2011 Events
- NISO Webinars
- Jan 12: Electronic Resource Managment
Questions & Answers
- Feb 9: Authority Data
Questions & Answers
- Mar 9: Patrons, ILL, and Acquisitions
Questions & Answers
- Apr 13: RFID Systems Part I
Questions & Answers
- Apr 20: RFID Systems Part II
Questions & Answers
- May 11: The Future of ILS Part I
Questions & Answers
- May 18: The Future of ILS Part II
Questions & Answers
- Aug 10: Management of Physical Library Resources
- Sep 14: Discoverable, Available, Accessible: Preserving Digital Content
Sep 14: Event Resources
Event Questions & Answers
- Sept 28: Return on Investment (ROI) in Linking the Semantic Web
Oct 12: Managing Data Part 1
Oct 19: Managing Data Part 2
- Nov 9: New Discovery Tools: Moving Beyond Traditional Online Catalogs
Questions & Answers
- Dec 14: Assessment Metrics
Assessment Metrics Resources
Event Q&A
- NISO/DCMI Webinars
- Mar 16: Metadata Harmonization (NISO/DCMI Webinar)
Questions & Answers
Aug 24: International Bibliographic Standards, Linked Data, and Impact on Cataloging
- Nov 16: RDA Vocabularies
Nov 16: RDA Vocabularies
2011 Open Teleconferences
NISO @ ALA Midwinter 2011
- NISO Forum: Mobile Technologies in Libraries
Event Slides
- NISO @ ALA Annual 2011
- NISO/BISG 5th Annual Forum (June 24, 2011)
NISO/BISG 5th Annual Forum: Speaker Biographies
NISO/BISG 5th Annual Forum Event Slides
NISO/BISG 5th Annual Forum Event Videos
NISO Update @ ALA Annual 2011
- NISO Forum: The E-Books Renaissance
About the Speakers
- 2010 Events
NISO Open Teleconferences
NISO @ ALA Midwinter 2010
- Jan. 13: Data Interoperability
Questions and Answers
- Feb. 10: E-resources Preservation
Additional Resources
Questions and Answers
- Mar. 10: Name Identifiers
Additional Resources
Questions and Answers
- Mar. 17: Content Identifiers
Questions and Answers
Mar. 23: D2D User Experience
- Apr. 14: RFID in Libraries
Questions and Answers
- May 12: Physical Delivery
Questions and Answers
- June 9: Semantic Technology
Questions and Answers
- NISO @ ALA Annual 2010 & NISO/BISG Forum
- NISO/BISG 4th Annual Forum (June 25, 2010)
NISO Update
- Aug. 11: Data Sets
Questions and Answers
- Aug. 25: Dublin Core
Questions & Answers
- Sep. 8: Performance Metrics
Questions & Answers
- Sep. 15: Item Usage
Questions & Answers
- Oct. 7: E-resource Management
- Agenda
- Oct. 13: Metadata Quality
Questions & Answers
- Nov. 10: Journal Display
Q & A
- Dec. 8: Providing Accessibility
Q & A
- 2009 Events
- NISO Webinar: Digital Preservation
Digital Preservation Webinar: Additional Resources
NISO @ ALA Midwinter 2009
- NISO Webinar: SSO Authentication
SSO Authentication: Resources
Questions and Answers
NISO @ ACRL 2009
- NISO Webinar: Data Movement & Management
Data Movement & Management: Q&A
Data Movement & Management: Resources
NISO Webinar: KBART and the OpenURL
- NISO/COUNTER Webinar: COUNTER: A How-To Guide
- NISO/COUNTER Webinar: New Applications of Usage Data
Questions and Answers
- Performance Measures and Assessment
- Agenda
Speaker Biographies
- NISO Webinar: Interoperability Issues
Questions and Answers
- NISO @ ALA Annual 2009
NISO/BISG Forum: Speaker Bios
- NISO Webinar: E-books
Questions and Answers
Additional Resources
- NISO Webinar: E-resources Licensing: Part 1
Questions and Answers
- NISO Webinar: E-resources Licensing: Part 2
Questions and Answers
- Library Resource Management Forum
Speaker Biographies
- NISO Webinar: Bibliographic Control
Questions and Answers
Additional Resources
NISO Webinar: Data Systems
- NISO Webinar: ONIX-PL
Questions and Answers
NISO Open Teleconferences
- 2008 Events
- Webinars
- NISO/ALCTS: Demystifying Library Standards
- OpenURL Webinar
Additional Resources
OpenURL Webinar Q&A
- ONIX-PL Webinar: Simplifying License Expression
ONIX-PL Webinar: Additional Resources
ONIX-PL Webinar: Q&A
- NISO Webinar: SUSHI
SUSHI Webinar: Q&A
- NISO Webinar: Identifiers
- NISO Webinar: Identifiers
Identifers Webinar: Report
Identifiers Webinar: Q&A
- NISO Webinar: Performance Measures
Performance Measures Webinar: Resources
NISO Webinar: Performance Measures - Q&A
- NISO/EDItEUR Webinar: Onix for Serials: Case Studies of Use
NISO/EDItEUR Webinar: Onix for Serials: Resources
NISO/BISG Forum at ALA Annual 2008
NISO Update at ALA Annual 2008
- Metadata in a Digital Age (NASIG preconference)
Metadata Forum Agenda
BEA 2008
- NISO Digital Resources Forum
- Discovery Tools
- Digital Preservation Forum
- Collaborative Library Resource Sharing
- NISO Past Events
Standards Community Calendar
LSA Members Frequently Asked Questions about Webinars
- 2018 Events
NISO @ ALA Mid Winter 2018 Denver
- International
- TC46
FIPS 10-4 to ISO 3166 Transition: FAQs
- SC9
ISO 25964-1 Thesaurus in Retrieval Standard
- 2014 TC46 Meeting Week
2014 TC46 Purpose of Meeting
What does ISO/TC 46 do?
2014 TC46 Meeting Sponsorship Opportunities
May 7 NARA Gala Reception and Dinner
- Participate
- About NISO
- Membership
- Membership: Voting Members
Membership Dues
Membership: Library Standards Alliance
Credit Card Payment Form
- Directory
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NISO Member Logos
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- Framework of Guidance
About the Framework
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- Schemas
CORE Schemas
- ISO 25964 Thesaurus Schemas
Introduction to the ISO 25964-1 Schema
ISO 25964 Standard Errata
Further reading and related resources
NCIP Schemas
SUSHI Schemas
NISO Access and License Indicators Schema
- JAV Schemas
JAV Schemas