Identifier Webinar: Additional Resources

This page is a growing list of identifier resources. If you have a resource you think would be useful to include on this page, please e-mail Karen Wetzel, NISO Standards Program Manager, at

Identifier Webinar: Event Slides
Slides from the October 29, 2008 NISO webinar, "What's in a Name: Identifiers for Institutions, Public Entities, and Researchers."

Identifier Webinar: Questions & Answers
Questions from the webinar and speaker answers.

Identifier Webinar: Summary Report

NISO Digital Identifiers Roundtable
This NISO workshop brought together key stakeholders with established interest and experience. The invited experts were asked to share their insights and address questions relating to the needs for standards and functional frameworks for digital identifiers, and the role that NISO can play in developing and promoting practices that will further the mission of its community. The site includes discussion documents, presentations, and a final report.

Why do you lose access to your electronic resources? How an institutional identifier can help.
Article by Helen Henderson (Serials 21.2, July 2008). Abstract: There are many uses in the supply chain for institutional identifiers, and some of the new and developing relevant standards in this area are summarized. Being able to uniquely identify the institutions at each stage in the supply chain can cut down on access losses, and if libraries, agents, publishers and hosting services can agree on and implement a standard institutional identifier, loss of access may become a thing of the past.

NISO's I2 (Institutional Identifiers) Working Group
The I2 (Institutional Identifiers -- pronounced "I 2") working group will build on work from the Journal Supply Chain Efficiency Improvement Pilot (, which demonstrated the improved efficiencies of using an institutional identifier in the journal supply chain. The NISO working group will develop a standard for an institutional identifier that can be implemented in all library and publishing environments. The standard will include definition of the metadata required to be collected with the identifier and what uses can be made of that metadata

Researcher ID
Researcher ID is a global, multi-disciplinary scholarly research community. A ResearcherID number is a unique identifier that consists of alphanumeric characters. Each researcher listed is assigned a unique ResearcherID identifier to aid in solving the common problem of author misidentification.

The ISNI and Identifying Textual Works
Angela D'Agostino's recent presentation on the International Standard Name Identifier at the NISO/BISG Forum at ALA Annual 2008.

The Identification of Digital Book Content
Presentation by Andy Weissberg, General Manager, Identifier Services, R.R. Bowker, at NISO's May 2008 forum, Digital Resources: Working with Formats Beyond Serials. Abstract: Although there are strong similarities between the identification needs of physical books and of digital book content in the supply chain, new business models, and new delivery channels challenge existing practice. In the business-to-business environment, booksellers, libraries, and publishers need to know which versions are available and which they are promoting, ordering, trading and buying. Consumers need to know which digital versions of titles are available, and whether these are compatible with their needs or with their software or hardware devices, and they will need to understand what their usage rights will be. There is therefore a pressing need for clarity on the use of standards for the identification and description of digital content as the digital supply chain evolves.