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Performance Measures Webinar: Additional Resources

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Performance Measures Webinar: Event Slides
Slides from the November 14, 2008 NISO webinar, "Performance Measures: Putting Data to Use."

Report on the NISO Forum on Performance Measures and Statistics for Libraries

On February 15-16, 2001 the National Information Standards Organization (NISO) organized an invitational Forum to gather information from the library community and key vendors about the best approach to evaluate the NISO standard on Library Statistics. This report includes an executive summary; reports on themes, conclusions, and recommendations; includes presentations and an environmental scan; and more.

ANSI/NISO Z39.7-2004: Information Services and Use: Metrics & statistics for libraries and information providersóData Dictionary
This continuously-maintained standard identifies and links to definitions, methods, and practices relevant to library statistics activities in the United States (US). It's goal is to assist librarians and researchers [now defined as the information community] by indicating and defining useful quantifiable information to measure the resources and performance of libraries and to provide a body of valid and comparable data on American libraries. The dictionary is maintained as an interactive web-based utility that allows for community commenting and twice-annual updating to ensure applicability, use, and development of this standard. See the June 2008 press release, NISO Offers New Interactive Data Dictionary to Information Community, for more information.

Finding Meaningful Performance Measures for Higher Education
This executive report from Thomson Reuters is available for free after filling out an online form. It summarizes the answers it received from over 240 higher education executives during a four-year research study to the question: How should your institution be measuring performance? The report includes information on:

  • Challenges and priorities
  • Drivers for increased metrics
  • Current measurement activities
  • Perceived ideal solutions
Understanding the Data Around Us: Gathering and Analyzing Usage Data
This November 2007 two-day event asked library and information service providers to think about what kinds of usage data--for e-resources, print, and more--can be used to help improve the provision of information services, what data might be missing, and ways all parties involved (libraries, publishers, aggregators, and system vendors) can best use the data collected. The event included speakers who will discuss issues of gathering, analyzing, and applying usage data, and encourages the audience to engage with questions of their own. This site links to presentations as well as to the Usage Data Wiki created following the event that serves as an open tool as well as a place to outline the development of a usage data decision framework to assist in data collection and use.

COUNTER: Usage Statistics for Performance Measurement
Available with license/subscription/payment. This article by Peter T. Shepherd (Performance Measurement and Metrics 7.3 [2006]: 142-152) shows how COUNTER usage statistics of online journals can be used to develop a set of measures that can be used more as indicators of the value of online journals.