E-books Webinar: Additional Resources

This page is a growing list of resources. If you have a resource you think would be useful to include on this page, please e-mail Karen Wetzel, NISO Standards Program Manager, at kwetzel@niso.org.

E-books Webinar: Event Slides
Slides from the August 12, 2009 NISO webinar, "E-books: A Rapidly Evolving Marketplace."

E-books Webinar: Q&A
Q&A from the August 12, 2009 NISO webinar, "E-books: A Rapidly Evolving Marketplace."

NCBI Book Tag Set
The site for the NLM book DTD (document type definition): "The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), a center of the National Library of Medicine (NLM), created the NCBI Book Tag Set with the intent of providing a common format for the creation of textbook content in XML. NCBI will use the Document Type Definition (DTD) version of this Tag Set to define the content data for the NCBI Bookshelf."

Shifting from Print to Electronic Journals in ARL Libraries

by Chandra Prabha (Serials Review 33.1 [March 2007]: 4-13)
See, for instance, the pie chart comparison showing the decrease of print only from 64% in 2002 to 30% in 2006. Available via subscription or purchase online.

U.S. Wholesale E-book Sales Statistics
"The International Digital Publishing Forum collects quarterly US trade retail eBook sales in conjunction with the Association of American Publishers (AAP). ...The IDPF has aggregated quarterly statistics from the AAP's program and earlier IDPF statistics program.... "

The Digital Future of Books

by Jeff Gomez, Director of Internet Marketing, Holtzbrinck Publishers (Wall Street Journal [May 19, 2008]: A13)
This opinion piece asks, "If the Internet is the most powerful communications advance ever and it is then how do this medium and its new devices affect how and what we read?"

IDPF Digital Book 2009
Presentations from the IDPF Digital Book conference held May 11-12, 2009 in New York, NY.

Google Books Settlement
ALA 2009: The Changing Standards Landscape
Presentations from the 2009 NISO/BISG forum focused on e-books. Forum description: "The market for e-books has expanded rapidly in the past year and the release of new readers, along with the ever increasing amount of new content, makes it likely this growth will continue. On July 10, 2009, BISG and the National Information Standards Organization (NISO) co-hosted their third annual standards forum, providing a big-picture look at the development and impact of common e-book standards, and a discussion of the pain points that persist."


"NetGalley is a website where publishers can invite contacts to view their print or digital galleys, and readers can request galleys they want to review."

No Shelf Required
"No Shelf Required provides a forum for discussion among librarians, publishers, distributors, aggregators, and others interested in the publishing and information industry. The discussion will focus on the issues, concepts, current and future practices of Ebook publishing including: finding, selecting, licensing, policies, business models, usage (tracking), best practices, and promotion/marketing. The concept of the blog is to have open discussion, propose ideas, and provide feedback on the best ways to implement Ebooks in library settings. The blog will be a moderated discussion with timely feature articles and product reviews available for discussion and comment."