Library Systems & Interoperability: NISO Webinar Q&A

Below are listed questions that were submitted during the NISO webinar, "Library Systems & Interoperability: Breaking Down Silos." Answers from the presenters will be added shortly. Not all the questions could be responded to during the live webinar, so those that could not be addressed at the time are also included below.

Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions about library, publishing, and technical services standards, standards development, or if you have have suggestions for new standards, recommended practices, or areas where NISO should be engaged.

Webinar Questions & Answers
June 10, 2009

  1. Question: Is there interoperability with Counter Standards [and CORE]?

  2. Question: What will the required training necessary to gain the skills to use this application [CORE]?

  3. Question: How do you envision CORE relating to the Institutional Identifiers standard that is also being worked on by NISO?

  4. Question: How will OCLC achieve economies of scale and still protect patron confidentiality?

  5. Question: Could Andrew explain the elephant logo; what was the 'name' of the consortium?
    Answer: That logo is for the Hathi Trust. More information at

  6. Question: Mark, this approach seems to replace one sort of interoperability (Z39.50/ZING/SRW-SRU) with a different level of interoperability to allow for local manipulation and/or presentation. Does this suggest that the early interopability efforts (Z39.50, OpenURL) are obsolete?

  7. Question: Regarding CORE, was the use case of paying author fees considered?

  8. Question: When will 'real interoperability' actually hit libraries. By that time, will more aggressive and entrepreneurial enterprises have figured out the puzzle?

  9. Question: Andrew: Will OCLC be engaging an advisory committee for its webscale work? Accepting volunteers?