ONIX-PL Webinar: Additional Resources

This page is a growing list of resources. If you have a resource you think would be useful to include on this page, please e-mail Karen Wetzel, NISO Standards Program Manager, at kwetzel@niso.org.

ONIX-PL Webinar: Event Slides
Slides from the December 9, 2009 NISO webinar, "ONIX for Publications Licenses: Adding Structure to Legalese" (speakers: Rick Burke, SCELC; Wilma Mossink, SURFfoundation; Mark Bide, EDItEUR).

ONIX-PL Website
EDItEUR homepage for ONIX for Licensing Terms, including ONIX-PL, an XML format for the communication of licensing terms under the generic name ONIX for Licensing Terms, and OPLE (the ONIX-PL Editor), a free browser-based software tool which enables users to create and edit ONIX-PL expressions.

JISC: ONIX for Licensing Terms
Information about the JISC use of ONIX-PL. References two projects: Electronic Expression of Licensing Terms: Specifying Publisher Tools and Library Benefits; and Electronic Expression of Licensing Terms: XML Expression of a Publisher/Library Licence.

Requirements for a Registry of Electronic Licences
Article by: Bide, M., Dhiensa, R., Look, H., Oppenheim, C. and Probets, S.G. In The Electronic Library, 27(1), February 2009, 43-57, ISSN: 0264-0473. From the abstract: This paper sets out to present a brief history of electronic licensing initiatives before considering current practices for managing licences to electronic resources. The intention is to obtain a detailed understanding of the requirements needed for a registry of electronic licences that will enable usage terms and conditions to be presented to end-users at point of use.


EDItEUR is the international group coordinating development of the standards infrastructure for electronic commerce in the book and serials sectors. EDItEUR is home to the ONIX suite of standards.

SCELC: Statewide California Electronic Library Consortium
The consortium seeks to explore issues related to electronic and digital information and to promote the creation, access, use, management and maintenance of this information for the benefit of faculty and students in the member institutions.

SURFfoundation unites research universities, universities of applied sciences, and research institutions. All of these collaborate on innovative projects to improve the quality of higher education and research.