Name Identifiers Webinar Q&A

Below are listed questions that were submitted during the NISO webinar, "Content Identification: What's New," held March 17, 2010. Answers from the presenters will be added shortly.


  • Using Identifiers to Facilitate the E-book Supply Chain (Whatever That Turns Out to Be)
    Brian Green, Executive Director, International ISBN Agency
  • ARK: Archival Resource Key
    John A. Kunze, Preservation Technologies Architect, California Digital Library
  • New Applications of DOIs
    Ed Pentz, Executive Director, CrossRef
  1. Can you speak to the status of chapter-level ISBNs?

  2. Must the 'ark:' follow the hostname, or can I put other branding information after the hostname and before the 'ark:'?

    Answer (John Kunze): In all examples, the 'ark:/' immediately follows the '', but in fact we have not completely shut the door on the possibility of inserting something in between, e.g., ''. While this is not recommended, ARKs are fairly robust when embedded in character strings. One of the reasons that the 'ark' label uses ':/' to separate the scheme name (most schemes use just ':') from the rest of the identifier, is that it makes it easier to discover an ARK embedded in texts, somewhat like the '://' makes it easier to find a URL.

  3. To John Kunze: Does ARK recommend any specific practice for representing composed objects (e.g., books with pages) in terms of identifiers. Thanks!

    John Kunze: ARK does not. It's a bit of a scary blank canvas, and there's a feeling that this kind of recommendation would be helpful.

  4. Ed, thank you for using the NISO Journal Article Versions terminology for the version naming structures in your new service.
  5. How does the DOI relate to the SICI? Or doesn't it?