NISO Two-Part Webinar: Measuring Use, Assessing Success

It’s Only as Good as the Metadata:
Improving OpenURL and Knowledge Base Quality
October 13, 2010

Below are listed questions that were submitted during NISO's October 13, 2010 webinar, "It’s Only as Good as the Metadata: Improving OpenURL and Knowledge Base Quality." Answers from the presenters will be added when available. Not all the questions could be responded to during the live webinar, so those that could not be addressed at the time are also included below.


  • IOTA: Improving OpenURLs Through Analytics
    Elizabeth Winter, Electronic Resources Coordinator, Georgia Tech Library (Member, IOTA Working Group)
    Adam Chandler, Database Management and E- Resources Librarian, Cornell University Library (Chair, IOTA Working Group) will join Elizabeth during the Q&A portion of this event.
  • KBART: Knowledge Bases and Related Tools
    Andreas Biedenbach, eProduct Operations Manager (Americas), Springer Science+Business Media (Co-chair, NISO/UKSG KBART Working Group)
    Sarah Pearson, E-Resources & Serials Coordinator at the University of Birmingham (Co-chair, NISO/UKSG KBART Working Group), will join Andreas during the Q&A portion of this event.  

  • OpenURLs and Knowledge Base Quality: Collecting and Improving Knowledge Base Data
    Maria Stanton, Director of Content Operations, Serials Solutions

Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions about library, publishing, and technical services standards, standards development, or if you have have suggestions for new standards, recommended practices, or areas where NISO should be engaged.

NISO Metadata Quality Webinar Questions and Answers

  1. Is the Iota project using a statistician to help analyze the data?

  2. What agencies create the DOI? Where are the DOIs registered?

  3. Since ProQuest is affiliated with Serials Solutions, can we assume that all ProQuest databases are KBART compliant? (No need to ask for "usable holdings list" before we purchase new database?)

  4.  Please define the term “target source.”

  5. You polled us to see how big we thought the problem was, how big a problem does Serials Solutions think this is? Is there any hope that Lexis Nexis will ever standardized?

  6. How can librarians learn which knowledge bases are best? 

  7. The DOI alone is not enough since the CrossRef database doesn't have very complete metadata which could be used by other services (document delivery ). Is Iota looking at the quality of the DOI database? With full text at multiple sites the DOI doesn't always lead to the appropriate copy.

  8. How cooperative are content providers re adopting standards?