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April Two-Part Webinar: RFID Systems in Libraries

PART II: Standards for RFID Systems in Libraries

April 20, 2011
1:00 - 2:30 p.m. (Eastern Time)

Part I of this webinar will be held on April 13th: RFID Systems in Libraries Part I: Introduction

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About the Webinar

A new three-part international ISO standard on RFID in Libraries (ISO 28560) has been approved for publication and NISO has a revision underway for the recommended practice, RFID in U.S. Libraries (NISO-RP-6-2008), which will provide U.S. implementers with guidance on how to provide RFID in a way that adheres to the ISO work.

NISO's two-part April webinar on RFID Systems in Libraries will provide background on the use of RFID in libraries and bring attendees up-to-date on the recent standards and what they mean to both system vendors and libraries.

This second part of the series looks more closely at the ISO RFID standard and the NISO Recommended Practice on RFID in U.S. Libraries that is currently under revision. This webinar will focus on key portions of the documents to help attendees better understand what they might need to know when implementing RFID locally in order to ensure interoperability.


Todd Carpenter, NISO Managing Director

Todd will provide a bit of background on the ISO 28560 RFID standard, and explain why the NISO recommended practice was initially developed, and why it is currently being revised.

NISO Recommended Practice Section 2: The Data Model
Vinod Chachra, President & CEO, VLTS Inc. and Co-chair, NISO RFID Revision Working Group

The intent of this section is to outline a data model that should satisfy the needs of libraries in the U.S. The main goal of the model is to provide interoperability for libraries so that libraries can invest in RFID with confidence that they will be able to read tags on items from many other libraries, and so that they will have choices in purchasing RFID equipment and tags in the future. The specification contained in the data model provides flexibility for some feature differentiation among the vendors by allowing for optional data, and by not specifying controls on how the data can be used. It also provides a minimum set of the data objects, which must be provided to perform the most basic of library functions using RFID equipment. Learn more about some of the recommendations made here, and what they might mean for you.

NISO Recommended Practice Section 3: Security Issues
Matt Bellamy, RFID Marketing Manager, 3M Library Systems

There are several approaches available for securing library items using RFID, each with its own advantages and drawbacks. Learn more about what these might be, what is recommended, and why.

NISO Recommended Practice Sections 6 & 7: Privacy and Vandalism
Dan Walters, Public Librarian, Retired

These two sections deal with issues that are often brought up as concerns when it comes to implementing RFID. First is privacy. Library patrons implicitly rely on institutional adherence to principles that assure their privacy is protected when reading materials in the library, using computers connected to the Internet, and most relevant to RFID, when borrowing circulating materials. Learn more about how RFID technology assures patron privacy and confidentiality.

A second concern is vandalism. Libraries have been the targets of vandals for years, and RFID technology itself presents an opportunity for vandalism that will be described here. Learn what you can do to avoid vandalism.


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Additional Information

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