A NISO/DCMI Joint Webinar Series

Schema.org and Linked Data: Complementary Approaches to Publishing Data

Below are listed questions that were submitted during the April 25, 2012 NISO/DCMI joint webinar. Answers from the presenters will be added when available. Not all the questions could be responded to during the live webinar, so those that could not be addressed at the time are also included below.


  • Dan Brickley, Schema.org at Google, Researcher at VU University Amsterdam
  • Thomas Baker, Chief Information Officer of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative; co-chair, W3C Incubator Group on Library Linked Data

Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions about library, publishing, and technical services standards, standards development, or if you have suggestions for new standards, recommended practices, or areas where NISO should be engaged.

NISO/DCMI Webinar Questions and Answers

1. So -- it isn't conformant XHTML?

2. Dublin Core was mentioned in passing, but what is the relationship between schema.org and Dublin Core metadata?

3. If Linked Data lives primarily in large databases, where does schema.org data live? Is the "master" copy of schema.org data radically decentralized compared to the LD model?

4. Can you comment further on internationalization of the schema.org vocabularies?

5. How can you transform EAD and EAC-CPF data into linked open data?