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NISO Initiative on Digital Rights Expression

On May 18-19, 2005 NISO held an invitational meeting to explore the standards needed to support digital rights expression and management for scholarly and educational information. This event brought together a diverse group from across the information community including digital library specialists, attorneys, publishers and content aggregators, and technologists. The workshop Report is now available. The Report includes links to the speakers' presentations and concludes with a review of key recommendations.

Key outcomes included recommendations to:

  • Extend the Electronic Resources Management Initiative (ERMI) model to include non-licensed objects and communities in addition to libraries.
  • Create a standardized collection of rights "bundles" similar to the Creative Commons licenses.
  • Identify a core set of requirements for rights expression relevant to the NISO community.
  • Build a reference model for content providers, libraries and museums that includes a glossary of standardized terms for rights expression.
  • Launch a campaign to educate both users and practitioners about rights and permissions. A short-term goal will be to produce a freely available, basic reference document similar to NISO's Understanding Metadata.

Links to Resources on Rights Expression

Workshop Background Paper

Workshop Goals

The goal of the meeting was to examine current practices supporting rights expression and management and to recommend strategies, collaborations, and activities that NISO might support over the next 12 to 18 months to advance interoperability in the supply chain for scholarly and educational information. Participants:

  • Examined the needs requirements, practices, and approaches of publishers, aggregators, systems developers, librarians, and the e-learning community
  • Identified barriers and issues that NISO might help remove or address

Workshop Planning Team

The workshop was planned by an expert international cross-industry team, chaired by:

  • Denise Troll Covey, Principal Librarian for Special Projects, Carnegie Mellon University

Members of the committee included:

  • Liz Bishoff, Special Ass't to the Dean and Head of Office of Sponsored Programs, University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Kerry Blinco, Standards Adviser, Dept. of Education, Science and Training, Australia
  • Karen Coyle, Digital library consultant, California Digital Library (retired)
  • Cliff Morgan, Planning and Development Director, John Wiley & Sons
  • Steve Potash, President, OverDrive
  • William Ying, Chief Technology Officer, ARTStor

Workshop Agenda/Presentations and Speakers

The Workshop was designed to be highly interactive. It included presented papers, panels, and small group discussion.

Roster of Attendees