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Information Standards Quarterly

ISSN: 1041-0031

Spring 2011, v.23, no. 2

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Article Title: EPUB 3: Not Your Father's EPUB
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Author: Bill Kasdorf, Vice President of Apex Content Solutions and General Editor of The Columbia Guide to Digital Publishing.
doi: 10.3789/isqv23n2.2011.02
Citation: Kasdorf, Bill. EPUB 3: Not Your Father's EPUB. Information Standards Quarterly, 2011 Spring 23(2):4-11.
Annotation: With all its new capabilities—handling rich media, complex layouts, scripting, global language support, MathML , synchronizing text and audio, and a host of other new features—EPUB 3, the new generation of the EPUB specification just issued by the IDPF (the International Digital Publishing Forum), may seem to be opening Pandora's Box in the world of e-books. I'd rather make the case that it's trying to keep the lid on it—or at least trying to open the lid carefully, in the hope that all the creatures bursting out can be made to behave in a civilized way. That may seem to be a vain hope, but it's a noble one. And I'm betting it will be successful.