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Summer 2013, v.25, no.2

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Article Title: Institutional Altmetrics and Academic Libraries
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Author(s): Robin Chin Roemer and Rachel Borchardt
doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.3789/isqv25no2.2013.03
Citation: Roemer, Robin Chin and Rachel Borchardt. Institutional Altmetrics and Academic Libraries. Information Standards Quarterly, Summer 2013, 25(2): 14-19.
Abstract: While the concept of altmetrics has matured considerably in the three years since the altemetrics manifesto was released, the idea of the “one”—that solo he or she who turns to altmetrics to filter or analyze a collection of sources—has remained largely consistent in the movement’s development. The result of this focus has been, on one hand, a positive growth in the number of altmetrics tools customized to the needs and products of individual users. On the other hand, proportionately little attention has been paid to date to the development of core altmetrics tools for scholars identified in the institutional aggregate. From the perspective of academic librarians—a professional group that has long championed the importance of scalable scholarly filters—this contrast is part of a larger challenge that altmetrics faces in the tenure–and–administration dominated world of higher education. In this article, we take a moment to examine a few ways in which altmetrics has begun to address the needs of institutions and, more specifically, the key roles that librarians can play as partners, liaisons, and advocates in such endeavors.
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