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Information Standards Quarterly

ISSN: 1041-0031

Fall 2014, v.26, no.3

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Article Title: From the Library of Congress to the Library of Me
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Author: Don Hamparian
doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.3789/isqv26no3.2014.03
Citation: Don Hamparian. From the Library of Congress to the Library of Me. Information Standards Quarterly, Fall 2014, 26 (3): 12-15.
Abstract: OCLC is a worldwide library membership organization that helps libraries work together to connect people and information more efficiently. Over the years, OCLC's services have been evolving in a variety of ways. A significant part of this evolution is the increasing involvement of the library patron and community as direct users of our services. This evolution parallels the library's increasing role as a community hub-a non-partisan place to gather, meet, and exchange ideas and information. OCLC provides services that recognize this community-focused role of libraries. Our Identity Management infrastructure must keep up with this direction. The focus of this article is OCLC's Identity Management services and vision and their place in the evolving role of OCLC services in the library community.