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Who Should Advertise in Information Standards Quarterly

  • ISQ's Target Market?
    Information Standards Quarterly
    (ISQ), communicates standards-based technology and best practices in library, publishing, and information technology, particularly where these three areas overlap. ISQ reports on the progress of active developments and also on implementations, case studies, and best practices that show potentially replicable efforts.
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    Each issue explores specific and timely topics relevant to the library and information service communities. Incorporating both national and international perspectives, ISQ is unlike any other magazine in circulation.
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    With a quarterly distribution of over 900 paid and member subscribers, you can be sure you are reaching the people who need to see you.


ISQ 2014 Advertiser Rates

Size One Time Rate
Two/Three Time Rate
Four Time Rate
Full page (8.5”x11”) $375 $350 $325
Half page (4.25” x 5.5”) $250 $225 $200
Back cover  (8.5”x11”) $700 $600 $550
Inside Cover Front (8.5”x11”) $500 $450 $400
Inside Cover Back (8.5”x11”) $500 $450 $400


Ad Size Specifications & Production Information


7.17" W x 9.75" H (no bleed)

8.5" x 11" (includes bleed, Top & Bottom .125", Left .25") 7.55" W x 4.77" H
Production Information (Four-color files)
Trim Size: 8.25" x 10.75"
Live Area: .5" from trim all around
Resolution: 300 dpi /133-150 line screen recommended
Binding: Saddle-stiched
Acceptable Formats:
  1. Adobe Acrobat PDF Press Ready file (CMYK)
    Note: use the Overprint Preview or Separations Preview in Adobe Acobat to assure the ad will separate properly for printing.
  2. Adobe InDesign file with fonts/support files
  3. Adobe Illustrator file with fonts turned to outlines and images embedded
NOTE: NISO is NOT responsible for correcting supplied ads or for POOR QUALITY reproduction of ads if a laser print is supplied as art. We strongly recommend you supply an electronic file followed with a faxed hard copy.




Contact Information

ISQ Managing Editor

Cynthia Hodgson
Phone (main): 301-654-2512
Fax: 410-685-5278
E-mail: chodgson@niso.org


Send all art & CDs to:

B. Creative Group, Inc.
Attn: Alex Linaburg
1700 Union Ave, Ste. A
Baltimore, MD 21211
Phone: 443.524.7510
Fax: 443.524.7510