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Information Standards Quarterly

ISSN: 1041-0031

Summer & Fall 2015, v.27, no.2-3

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Article Title: Crossref Logs its 80,000,000th Item of Scholarly Content
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Author(s): Ed Pentz
Citation: Pentz, Ed. Crossref Logs Its 80,000,000th Item of Scholarly Content. Information Standards Quarterly, Summer & Fall 2015, 27(2-3): pp. 20-22.
Abstract: A lot has changed since the first content was registered in the prototype Crossref system in 1999, says Executive Director Ed Pentz. These days, the organization registers more publishers from more countries than ever before and notices that not all who publish would traditionally be called "publishers" (and not all members publish). Looking forward, Pentz tells readers to watch out for 2017 updates including an updated deposit system to keep up with Crossref's steady growth and to make it easier for smaller, non-technical publishers to participate. The organization is also planning the launch of Crossref Event Data, moving forward with early content registration and registering preprints, and exploring organization identifiers.