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Information Standards Quarterly

ISSN: 1041-0031

Summer & Fall 2015, v.27, no.2-3

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Article Title: A Brief History of COUNTER and SUSHI: The Evolution of Interdependent Standards
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Author(s): Oliver Pesch
Citation: Pesch, Oliver. A Brief History of COUNTER and SUSHI: The Evolution of Interdependent Standards. Information Standards Quarterly, Summer & Fall 2015, 27(2-3): pp. 5-11.
Abstract: Oliver Pesch, Chief Product Strategist, EBSCO Information Services, offers a history and timeline for the evolution of the COUNTER Code of Practice and the supporting Standardized Usage Statistics Harvesting (SUSHI) standard. This overview begins with the 2002 start of the work and closes with a look ahead to a 2017 COUNTER update.
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