June 2009

Business Information Topic Committee

CORE Working Group

Co-chairs: Ted Koppel, Ed Riding

NISO Z39.93-200x, Cost of Resource Exchange (CORE) Protocol, is currently available as a Draft Standard for Trial Use (DSFTU), with a trial use period of April 1, 2009 - March 31, 2010. This DSFTU was developed by the CORE Working Group and approved by the Business Information Topic Committee on 3/31/2009.

The CORE Working Group is currently focusing efforts on uptake of the DSFTU, including providing supporting information and continuing outreach. Upcoming events discussing CORE include:

ERMI Subcommittee

This subcommittee of the Business Information Topic Committee, led by Ivy Anderson and Tim Jewell, has submitted to the Topic Committee a proposal for an ERM Data Standards Review working group to undertake a "gap analysis" regarding ERM-related data and standards, and to make recommendations regarding the future of the ERMI data dictionary within that broader context.

I2 Working Group

Co-Chairs: Tina Feick, Grace Agnew

After some delays earlier this year, the group is back to meeting regularly and completing scenario development. They will be writing an update report for the Business Information Topic Committee with a new timeline; currently, a public report on the scenario development is planned for August 2009. One scenario (scenario B: e-learning) was eliminated, and instead will be considered in each of the remaining scenarios as a horizontal issue.


Chair: Alicia Wise

The joint ONIX-PL (ONIX for Publications Licenses) Working Group has recently held conversations with library representatives to gain a better understanding of the continuing education needs of the U.S. library community as relates to ONIX-PL. In addition, discussions are underway regarding the potential mapping of SERU to ONIX-PL. Learn more at the following NASIG conference session:

SERU (A Shared Electronic Resource Understanding) Standing Committee

Chair: Judy Luther

The SERU (Shared Electronic Resource Understanding) registry is continuing to grow, with 8 consortia, 33 publishers/content providers, and 86 libraries (127 total). In addition, the group is looking to expand membership, is working to develop a logo to brand SERU and provide publishers with a means to identify products available via SERU, is considering the possible mapping of SERU to ONIX-PL, and is continuing outreach efforts, including:

ANSI/NISO Z39.7-2004, Information Services and Use: Metrics & statistics for libraries and information providers--Data Dictionary

Chair: Dianne Carty

The standard is a continuously maintained standard with a standing committee. The standing committee will be meeting at ALA Annual to review any comments received on the standard's website and through other means, as well as to consider next steps for the group, including potential work in performance measures. The meeting is open to the public:

  • Z39.7 Standing Committee Meeting
    Monday, July 13
    9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
    Chicago Hilton, Conference Room 4G

Standardized Usage Statistics Harvesting Initiative (SUSHI) Standing Committee

Co-chairs: Adam Chandler, Oliver Pesch

Significant progress has been made by this committee in support of the Standardized Usage Statistics Harvesting Initiative (SUSHI) Protocol standard (ANSI/NISO Z39.93-2007). The SUSHI website has been reorganized for easier access to information and has been updated to include links to SUSHI support tools, including the recently released open-source SUSHI client code from Serials Solutions, sample COUNTER reports, and more. In addition, the group continues with its regular maintenance, support, and outreach work. Learn more at the following session:

Content & Collection Management Topic Committee

NISO/OCLC Metadata Report

Contact: Todd Carpenter (NISO), Renee Register (OCLC)

Feedback is being gathered on the latest draft (written by Judy Luther, Informed Strategies) from the Content & Collection Management Committee and others. Judy will be submitting the final report shortly; NISO expects to have follow-up actions based on the report's findings.

ANSI/NISO Z39.86-2005, Specifications for the Digital Talking Book: Revision Working Group

Chair: George Kerscher

A revision of this standard is underway and is planned to be in two parts: 1) an XML authoring framework for publishers and republishers, and 2) a companion format specifically for online distribution. The Z39.86 revision is moving along smoothly, with the expectation of a first review draft of the Authoring and Interchange portion of the revision to be completed shortly, and a release as a draft standard for in fall 2009. Work on the distribution part of the standard will begin shortly.

Discovery to Delivery Topic Committee

NISO/UKSG KBART (Knowledge Bases and Related Tools) Working Group

Co-chairs: Peter McCracken, Charlie Rappel, Sarah Pearson

The final draft of a Recommended Practice is nearing completion. The NISO office is coordinating with KBART co-chairs on outreach with the OpenURL maintenance agency and other outreach/education efforts. KBART will be discussed at the following event:

ANSI/NISO Z39.83-2008, NISO Circulation Interchange Protocol (NCIP), Parts 1 and 2

Contacts: Rob Walsh (Maintenance Agency), Gail Wanner (Implementer Group chair)
www.niso.org/workrooms/ncip - www.ncip.info

Version 2 of this standard was published in November 2008. The NCIP Implementers Group (NCIP-IG) is now working to communicate the changes and aid in implementation. At their April 2009 meeting, the IG identified an NCIP Core Message set consisting of nine primary NCIP messages, which the group believes will support more than 80% of the current functionality for resource sharing and self-service applications. Additional work planned includes a registry of vendors who have adopted NCIP and which messages they support and a streamlined profile template.

SSO Authentication

Contact: Karen Wetzel, Oliver Pesch

This new work item was approved by NISO membership and a the working group is being formed. If you would like to be kept informed about the work of this group, an interest list has been created for updates, feedback, and discussion. You can sign up at: www.niso.org/lists/ssoinfo/

Potential New Work

ERM Data Standards Review

This proposal is to create a new NISO working group to undertake a "gap analysis" regarding ERM-related data and standards, and to make recommendations regarding the future of the ERMI data dictionary within that broader context. The proposal was submitted to the Business Information Topic Committee; during their call on May 26, it was decided that a comment period, to end June 5th, would be needed to ensure that committee members had enough time to review and provide feedback on the proposal prior to a committee ballot on the item. As the proposal is limited to the publication of a research paper, a membership vote would not be required for this item.

Best Practices for Physical Delivery of Library Resources

A proposal has been submitted to the Discovery to Delivery Topic Committee. During their call on May 18, there was unanimous agreement that this should be considered, but members wanted time for a more detailed review of the submitted document. The proposal is now at ballot within the committee (close date: 6/17/09); if approved, it will be presented to the NISO voting members for consideration as a new work item.

Representation of Journal Titles on Websites

Proposal is still being developed.


Proposal regarding the National Library of Medicine's Journal Publishing Tag Set is still being developed; expected June 2009.