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Understanding Metadata: What is Metadata, and What is it For?: A Primer
by Jenn Riley

Abstract: Metadata, the information we create, store, and share to describe things, allows us to interact with these things to obtain the knowledge we need. This primer by Jenn Riley of McGill University Library offers a comprehensive overview of metadata, covering topics such as metadata types, standardization, and use in the cultural heritage sector and in the broader world. The Primer is accompanied by plentiful examples of metadata at work.
NISO Press, 2017
49pp. ISBN: 978-1-937522-72-8


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Research Data Management: A Primer
by Carly Strasser

Abstract: Meeting the challenges of 21st century research require sound research data management. By carefully planning, documenting, and preserving data, the goals of having reproducible and transparent research data are far easier to meet. Further, well-managed data are easier to use and reuse, which translates to more collaboration for researchers and maximum return-on-investment for funders. This primer will cover the basics of research data management, with the goal of helping researchers and those that support them become better data stewards.
NISO Press, 2015
27 pp. ISBN: 978-1-937522-65-0


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Metadata Demystified: A Guide for Publishers
by Amy Brand, Frank Daly, Barbara Meyers


Abstract: This guide presents an overview of evolving conventions in publishing and related initiatives designed to standardize how metadata is structured and disseminated online.
NISO Press and The Sheridan Press, 2003
16 pp. ISBN: 978-1-880124-59-8 Hardcopy Price: $20.00



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The RFP Writer's Guide to Standards for Library Systems
by Cynthia Hodgson

Abstract: This guide will help library system Request for Proposal (RFP) writers and evaluators understand the relevant standards and determine a software product's compliance with standards. It identifies critical standards in the areas of Bibliographic Formats, Record Structure, Character Sets, Exchange Media, Serials Identifiers, Binding, Circulation Protocols, Barcodes, Interlibrary Loan (ILL), Electronic Documents, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Information Retrieval, Metadata, and Web Access. For each standard, the applicability to libraries is described, sample RFP language is provided, and compliance assessment issues are discussed. A glossary and a summary table of all discussed standards are included.
NISO Press, 2002    
70 pp.     ISBN: 978-1-880124-57-4    Hardcopy Price: $39

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Understanding Metadata

Abstract: Understanding Metadata is a revision and expansion of Metadata Made Simpler: a guide for libraries published by NISO Press in 2001. NISO extends its thanks and appreciation to Rebecca Guenther and Jacqueline Radebaugh, staff members in the Library of Congress Network Development and MARC Standards Office, for sharing their expertise and contributing to this publication.
NISO Press, 2004    
20 pp.     ISBN: 978-1-880124-62-8    Hardcopy Price: $20

Please note that in 2017, NISO released an updated metdata primer.

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Up and Running: Implementing Z39.50
Proceedings of a Symposium Sponsored by the State Library of Iowa

edited by Sara L. Randall

Abstract: Leaders in the development and implementation of Z39.50 report on where NISO's networking standard is headed and give their views on strengths and benefits of Z39.50. Also includes a summary of the panel discussion on implementations by vendor representatives.
NISO Press, 1998    
54 pp.     ISBN: 978-1-880124-33-8    Hardcopy Price: $39

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Z39.50: A Primer on the Protocol

Abstract: This primer is an overview of the Z39.50 standard. This guide explains what Z39.50 is and how it works, identifies the benefits of using Z39.50 implementations, offers a brief history of the standard, describes some key technical features, provides examples of some Z39.50 applications, and forecasts the future direction of the standard.
NISO Press, 2002    
12 pp.     ISBN: 978-1-880124-35-2    Hardcopy Price: $20

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Z39.50 Implementation Experiences

Abstract: Eleven contributing authors each describe implementation experiences from a different user perspective. Originally published as NIST Special Publication 500-229.
NISO Press, 1995    
123 pp.     ISBN: 978-1-880124-51-2    Hardcopy Price: $39

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