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Technical Reports

NISO Technical Reports provide useful information about a particular topic, but do not make specific recommendations about practices to follow. They are thus "descriptive" rather than "prescriptive" in nature. Proposed standards that do not result in consensus are often published as technical reports.

NISO TR01-1995, Environmental Guidelines for the Storage of Paper Records

by William K. Wilson

Abstract: This technical report suggests environmental parameters that influence the preservation of paper-based records in libraries and archives. Storage parameters addressed include temperature, relative humidity, exposure to light, gaseous contaminants, and particulates. Values and procedures for the various parameters are recommended. An appendix provides information germane to the development of environmental guidelines for storage with a technical summary of information in the literature. A glossary is included.

40 pp. ISBN: 1-880124-21-1 Hardcopy Price: $39.00 

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NISO TR02-1997, Guidelines for Indexes and Related Information Retrieval Devices

by James D. Anderson

Abstract: Provides guidelines for the content, organization, and presentation of indexes used for the retrieval of documents and parts of documents. It deals with the principles of indexing, regardless of the type of material indexed, the indexing method used (intellectual analysis, machine algorithm, or both), the medium of the index, or the method of presentation for searching. It emphasizes three processes essential for all indexes: comprehensive design, vocabulary management, and the provision of syntax. It includes definitions of indexes and of their parts, attributes, and aspects; a uniform vocabulary; treatment of the nature and variety of indexes; and recommendations regarding the design, organization, and presentation of indexes. It does not suggest guidelines for every detail or technique of indexing. These can be determined for each index on the basis of factors covered in the technical report.

62 pp. ISBN: 1-880124-36-X Hardcopy Price: $55.00

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NISO TR03-1999, Guidelines for Alphabetical Arrangement of Letters & Sorting of Numerals & Other Symbols

by Hans H. Wellisch

Abstract: This technical report provides rules for the alphabetical arrangement of headings in list of all kinds, such as bibliographies, indexes, dictionaries, directories, inventories, etc. It also covers the sorting of Arabic or Roman numbers, and other symbols. It consists of seven rules that cover problems which may arise in alphanumeric arrangements of headings. The technical report is based on the traditional orders of letters in the English alphabet and that of the numerals is ascending arithmetical order. It does not address issues concerning meaning or type of headings. The rules can generally be applied by human begins as well as by computers. Each rule is followed by illustrative examples.

26 pp. ISBN: 1-880124-41-6 Hardcopy Price: $40

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NISO TR04-2006, Networked Reference Services: Question/Answer Transaction Protocol

Abstract: The Networked Reference Services Question/Answer Transaction Protocol covers processing transactions for interchange of messages between digital reference domains. It defines a set of messages and associated rules of syntax and semantics for this interchange that will support processing and routing of questions and responses and packaging of other information to be exchanged. Metadata element sets needed to identify and describe key components of both question and answer data and institutional and personal data are defined, although some sets are maintained outside the standard. applied by human begins as well as by computers. Each rule is followed by illustrative examples.

77 pp. ISBN: 978-1-880124-71-0

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NISO TR-05-2013, IOTA Working Group Summary of Activities and Outcomes

Abstract: The purpose of the IOTA (Improving OpenURL Through Analytics) project was to analyze the quality of the metadata that is passed to the link resolver from the OpenURL source and develop a standardized metric for such quality evaluation. The project focused most of its attention on a specific genre of OpenURLs—those intended to provide access to journal articles. This report summarizes the work of that three-year project  and the development of the Completeness Index metric that can be used to measure and compare different provider's OpenURL metadata.

ISBN: 978-1-937522-17-9

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