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ANSI/NISO Standards Development Timeline

The following represents a typical timeline for the development of ANSI/NISO standards, NISO standards, and NISO Recommended Practices.

New Work Item Proposed
1-2 months
  • Topic Committee (TC) approval (approximately one-two weeks)
  • NISO Voting Member Ballot to confirm interest (30 days)
    • Note: The Working Group may be formed as soon as 10% of the NISO Voting Members vote in favor of the proposal, regardless of the 30-day period allowed to express interest. Voting Members who vote in favor of a new work item are automatically added to the work item's Voting Pool; NISO Voting Members can join the Voting Pool at any time up until the final publication is sent to ballot.
Working Group Roster Formed & Approved
2 weeks 1 month
  • Typically, expressions of interest in joining the working group will come in at the same time as the 30-day expression of interest period. These are then reviewed, contacted, and compiled into a draft roster.
  • TC approval (approximately one-two weeks)
Working Group Work
3-18 months to complete standard or DSFTU (Draft Standard for Trial Use)
  • Development of Work Plan
  • Data Gathering
    • 3-6 month window (if not completed prior to working group formation)
  • Working Draft
  • Draft Standard for Trial Use (DSFTU)
    • Optional
    • Requires approval by Working Group (WG), followed by approval by TC
    • 6-18 month draft period
    • WG must review and reports on trial results, and submit recommended action to TC within 60 days of trial end.

Final Draft for Ballot

2 months
  • Approval by TC to release to NISO vote
  • Voting Pool finalized
    • Members have 15 days until ballot
    • Voting pool must equal 15% NISO membership
    • ANSI alerted (60-day public review)
  • Ballot
    • 45 days
Approved NISO standard sent to ANSI for ANS approval
2-3 weeks

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