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Information and Policy
Topic Committee

Committee Description

The NISO Information and Policy Committee was formed (as the Business Information Topic Committee) in early 2007 in response to a strategic restructuring. As part of NISO's organizational structure, topic committees that bring together leaders in specific subjects have been created to provide direction to the organization for standards development in those umbrella topic areas. The Information and PolicyTopic Committee focuses on issues regarding the management structure surrounding the acquisition, licensing, purchasing, and analysis of information. Specific areas include: license expression, online usage data, access management, performance measures and other statistics, etc.

The topic committee is charged with the following tasks:

  • Track standards development within NISO and in other standards organizations related to the topic.
  • Identify where new standards may provide solutions in their specific area.
  • Convene Thought Leader meetings to incubate new standards activities.
  • Create and provide guidance and oversight to standards working groups under their purview.
  • Manage the five-year reaffirmation process for approved standards.

The work of this group is complemented by NISO's Content & Collection Management Topic Committee, Discovery to Delivery Topic Committee, and Architecture Committee.

Committee Roster

Committee Co-chairs

Christine M. Stamison
NERL Program, Center for Research Libraries
Chair Term: 6/30/14-6/30/16

Anne Campbell
Library Automation Manager
EBSCO Information Systems
Chair Term: 2/1/15-2/1/17

Committee Members

Yanick Beaudoin
Supervisor, Research Support
International Development Research Centre
Term: 9/1/15-9/1/18

Betty Landesman
Term: 9/30/16-9/30/19

Stuart Maxwell
Vice President of Business Development
Scholarly IQ
Term: 9/1/17-9/1/20





Siôn Romaine
Acquisitions Librarian
University of Washington
Term: 6/1/16-6/1/19

Angela Riggio
Head, Scholarly Communication and Licensing
University of California at Los Angeles
Term: 9/1/15-9/1/18

Kim Steinle
Library Relations and Sales Manager
Duke University Press
Term: 9/1/17-9/1/20

Gavin Swanson
Editorial Development Manager, Journals
Cambridge University Press
Term: 6/1/16-6/1/19




Ex Officio Members