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Issues in Vocabulary Management Working Groups

This project supported three working groups: Vocabulary Documentation, Vocabulary Use & Reuse, and Vocabulary Preservation.
Rosters approved by the NISO Content and Collections Management Topic Committee, November 11, 2015
Project work item approved by NISO Voting Members

Vocabulary Documentation Working Group


Natalie Bulick
Indiana State University

Sean Glover
YBP Library Services

Working Group Members:

Alexis Adkins
Cal Poly Pomona University Library

Gordon Dunsire
Independent Consultant

Sharon Garewal

Antoine Isaac

Teressa Keenan
University of Montana

Michael Kim
University of California, Santa Barbara

Margaret Kruesi
Library of Congress

Dana Miller
University of Nevada at Reno

Susan Presley

Lars Svensson
Deutsche Nationalbibliothek


Vocabulary Use and Reuse Working Group


Diane Hillmann
Metadata Management Associates

Daniel Lovins
New York University (NYU), Division of Libraries

Working Group Members:

Joseph Busch
Taxonomy Strategies

Valentine Charles

Dave Clarke

Nicole VasilevskyOregon Health & Science University (OHSU)

Heather Hedden
Cengage Learning

Elizabeth Wolf
Copyright Clearance Center (CCC)


Vocabulary Preservation Working Group


Sherle Abramson-Bluhm
University of Michigan Library


Working Group Members:

Scott Carlson
Rice University Fondren Library

Mike Doane
Independent Consultant

Christine Connors

Sharon Farnel
University of Alberta

Marti Heyman
OCLC Online Computer Library Center

Amy Kirchhoff

Maureen McClarnon
Cengage Learning

Kim Mumbower
The Library Corporation (TLC)

Anne Washington
University of Houston