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NISO Initiative on Privacy and Research Data

Beginning in 2016, NISO will launch a project to develop a consensus framework for mitigating and managing the privacy risks related to the collection, preservation, sharing, use, and re-use of research data sets.  This resulting framework will consist of four elements: 1) definitions and a set of specific of use cases in which research data has privacy implications; 2) a set of Principles that relate specifically to how the community can address some of these privacy risks; 3) a defined set of related metadata necessary to describe and share privacy related information about a data set; and 4) implementation guidance and public outreach describing how to incorporate the first three elements into the ecosystem of research data exchange.

NISO has submitted a Case Statement to the Research Data Alliance to undertake this effort jointly and is seeking broad international participation in this iniative. Comments on the proposed Case Statement can be posted onto the RDA website. As the project develops, more information will be posted on this page.  Please email Nettie Lagace if you would like to participate in the effort, or you may join the group directly by joining the group at the RDA website.

This effort is generously supported by two grants from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.