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CORE: Cost of Resource Exchange

The CORE (Cost of Resource Exchange) proposal (available here) was approved by the NISO membership as a new work item in June 2008. See the press release for more information.

CORE: Cost of Resource Exchange Protocol (NISO RP-10-2010) was published as a NISO Recommended Practice in August 2010 (see the press release).

The purpose of this specification is to facilitate the transfer of cost and related financial information from an Integrated Library System (ILS) Acquisitions module (the source) to an Electronic Resource Management System (ERMS) (the requestor). The population of ERMS financial data from the ILS Acquisitions system makes cost-per-click and other cost-related reports in the ERMS all the more possible. Note that the CORE standard should not be seen as limited to ILS->ERMS data exchange; any two business applications could make use of this format for simple and efficient data exchange.

CORE is maintained by the CORE Standing Committee, which falls under the purview of the NISO Business Information Topic Committee.