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Demand-Driven Acquisition (DDA) of Monographs


JUST PUBLISHED! (June 24, 2014) – NISO RP-20-2014, Demand Driven Acquisition of Monographs    PDF  Download PDF

See also the results from the survey conducted in August 2013, which is referenced in Appendix A of the Recommended Practice.

About the DDA Project

This is a new project to develop recommended practices for the Demand-Driven Acquisition (DDA) of Monographs. Many libraries have embraced DDA (also referred to as patron-driven acquisition) to present many more titles to their patrons for potential use and purchase than would ever be feasible under the traditional purchase model. If implemented correctly, DDA can make it possible to purchase only what is needed, allowing libraries to spend the same amount of money as they previously spent on monographs, but with a higher rate of use. However, this model requires libraries to develop and implement new procedures for adding titles to a "consideration pool", for keeping unowned titles available for purchase for some future period, often years after publication, for providing discovery methods of titles in the pool, establishing rules on when a title gets purchased or only temporarily leased, and how potential titles are discovered, and for handling of multiple formats of a title.

This work group will develop a flexible model for DDA that works for publishers, vendors, aggregators, and libraries. This model will allow libraries to develop DDA plans that meet differing local collecting and budgetary needs while also allowing consortial participation and cross-aggregator implementation.

The group will develop recommendations on:

  • Best practices for populating and managing the pool of titles under consideration for potential purchase, including methods for automated updating and removal of discovery records;
  • Development of consistent models for the three basic aspects of e-book DDA -- free discovery to prevent inadvertent transactions, temporary lease, and purchase -- that work for publishers and libraries;
  • Methods for managing DDA of multiple formats; and 
  • Ways in which print-on-demand (POD) solutions can be linked to DDA.


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