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Journal Article Version - Addendum

About this Project

In 2008, the NISO Journal Article Version (JAV) working group developed a set of recommended terms to be applied to iterations of an article's lifecycle. most terms were assigned scope and definition that allow for actionable, unambiguous and reliable tools for pubilshers, librarians, aggregators, indexers and end users.   As JAV was adopted, the scope of the term "proof" was found to be less precise and more difficult to apply than the other terms.   Further description of the problem can be found in the Addendum's Work Item Proposal.

Project Goals:

A small working group will draft an addendum to JAV regarding the "proof" category of articles.  If the addendum is approved, a change will be made to the official JAV recommended term documentation and distributed as appropriate.   The group will also reconsider the concept of proposing a metadata framework or dictionary in which JAV terms could be incorporated. 

For more information, view the Work Item Proposal.