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NOW AVAILABLE – NISO RP-19-2014, Open Discovery Initiative: Promoting Transparency in Discovery

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  • A technical recommendation for data exchange including data formats, method of delivery, usage reporting, frequency of updates and rights of use
  • A way for libraries to assess content providers’ participation in discovery services
  • A model by which content providers work with discovery service vendors via fair and unbiased indexing and linking


  • Simplifies the process of data exchange between participating discovery vendors and content providers
  • Ensures participating discovery vendors are following fair and unbiased indexing and linking practices 
  • Mitigates technical and legal issues that might hinder broader participation by content providers or potential discovery service creators 
  • Allows libraries to understand how their licensed content is included in discovery systems

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NEW! Now available, guides for libraries to ensure discovery services discovery services meet institutional needs! Please see Information for Libraries to Increase ODI Conformance among Vendors and Configuring Content Providers!