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RFID for Library Applications



Background and Problem Statement:

In January 2008, NISO formally published the Recommended Practice, RFID in U.S. Libraries (NISO RP-6-2008). This document addresses the implementation of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) of books and other materials in United States libraries. The Working Group had broad representation of those who would use and be affected by this Recommended Practice, including RFID hardware manufacturers, solution providers (software and integration), library RFID users, book jobbers and processors, and related organizations.

That same month, a new ISO ballot was sent to ISO member countries for the approval of a new ISO TC46 Committee Draft International Standard in three parts.

During the development of the NISO Recommended Practice and the ISO draft standard, the NISO Working Group was in close contact with the international group that developed the above standard in an effort to keep the two documents in synch as much as possible.

The ISO standard is in the final stages of development, with final publication expected in late 2010. In order to ensure that the NISO Recommended Practice is up to date and provides United States implementers of RFID tags in libraries with sufficient guidance to conform with the ISO work, a revision of the NISO Recommended Practice is necessary.

This new work was approved by the Content & Collection Management Topic Committee in February 2010. The working group first met in April 2010. The revised document NISO RP-6-2012 was published in March 2012.