SERU Working Group

NOTE: The material below is historical in nature, created in 2006-2007 when SERU was first underway as a NISO Recommended Practice. It should be used for informational purposes only.

The Shared E-Resource Understanding (SERU) Working Group was originally charged with developing Recommended Practices to be used to support a new mechanism for publishers to sell e-resources without licenses if they feel their perception of risk has been adequately addressed by current law and developing norms of behavior.

The document is an expression of a set of shared understandings of publisher and library expectations regarding the sale of an electronic resource subscription. Negotiation between publisher perspectives and library perspectives will be needed to develop a useful set of practices.

The working group built on considerable work to identify key elements of a best practices document already begun during a one-day meeting sponsored by ARL, ALPSP, SSP, and SPARC. All of the participants in that scoping meeting expressed a strong desire to continue to work on this project and form the proposed working group to develop best practices.

The working group was disbanded upon the publication of the Recommended Practice (SERU: A Shared Electronic Resource Understanding, NISO RP-7-2008); following that, a standing committee to deal with issues of maintenance and outreach was created. This group became inactive in 2009.

Working Group Members

Working Documents

Previous Versions

  • SERU Framework -- Version 0.3 PDF
  • FAQ on the SERU Framework
    Drafted 3.12.07 to correspond to Public Draft Version 0.3 of the framework document entitled, "The SERU Approach to E-Resource Subscriptions."