SUSHI Server Recommendations

NISO RP-13-201x, Providing a Test Mode for SUSHI Servers


In January 2011, the Business Information Topic Committee approved a proposal from the SUSHI Standing Committee to form a working group to develop recommended practices for improving the provision of SUSHI Servers. Specifically, the group was tasked to:

  • Develop recommended practices for adding testing functionality to SUSHI servers to enable clients to be more easily developed and tested.
  • Define a SUSHI Server Status Report in XML that would report basic information about a particular SUSHI Server when requested by the client.

The group will also work with COUNTER and the SUSHI Standing Committee to promote the new recommended practices and provide any supporting documentation, which would be posted on the SUSHI website.

Working Group Roster

The following individuals serve on the NISO SUSHI Server Working Group:

  • Oliver Pesch (chair)
    EBSCO Information Services
  • Bob McQuillan
    Innovative Interfaces, Inc.
  • John Milligan
  • Paul Needham
    Cranfield University
  • Xiaochun Xing
    Swets Information Services