ONIX-PL Webinar Q&A

Below are listed questions that were submitted during the NISO ONIX for Publications Licenses Webinar. Answers from the presenters will be added shortly. Questions that could not be  responded to during the live webinar are also included below.

Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions about library, publishing, and technical services standards, standards development, or if you have have suggestions for new standards, recommended practices, or areas where NISO should be engaged.

ONIX for Publications Licenses: Adding Structure to Legalese
Webinar Questions & Answers
December 9, 2009

  1. Is ONIX-PL only about license term or also about license coverage/holdings?
  2. Does ONIX-PL cover open access archiving rights?
  3. Are you working with SERU on a SERU standard ONIX-PL license?
  4. Is the ONIX translation for the Knowledge Exchange model license that Wilma Mossink mentioned available somewhere?
  5. Does RELI only includes these "broad/standard licences" – which do not exist, according to your own words? If not: how do you plan to include institution-specific license information?
  6. Do publishers want RELI?
  7. For Mark: can you address the "long tail" problem? I can see the chicken and egg being overcome for the first 60-80 publishers, but we have hundreds of other licenses, many with small publishers. It is difficult enough to negotiate terms of a license. What do you see as the prospects for getting these publishers' licenses available in ONIX PL?