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NISO Open Teleconferences

Join us each month for NISO's Open Teleconferences -- an ongoing series of calls held on the second Monday of each month as a way to keep the community apprised of NISO's activities. The calls also provide an opportunity for you to give feedback to NISO on our activities or make suggestions about new activities we should be engaging in.

The call is free and anyone is welcome to participate in the conversation. All calls are held from 3-4 p.m. eastern time.

Dial-In Information

  • Tel.: 877-375-2160
  • Conference Code: 17800743#

2011 Open Conference Call Calendar
Call topics are subject to change.

  • January 24: ESPReSSO (Establishing Suggested Practices Regarding Single Sign-On) Working Group Update

  • February 14: SERU (Shared E-Resource Understanding) Update
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    Join this call to hear an update on the work of SERU, including a proposed revision, from Judy Luther (President, Informed Strategies), co-chair of the SERU Standing Committee.
  • March 14: NISO/NFAIS Supplemental Journal Article Materials Project Update
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  • April 11: Z39.7 Standing Committee Update
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    This committee provides maintenance and support for ANSI/NISO Z39.7-2004: Information Services and Use: Metrics & statistics for libraries and information providers — Data Dictionary. Learn about recent changes and what this standard can help you with.
  • May 9: DAISY Revision Working Group Update
    The revision to Z39.86, formerly called Specification for the Digital Talking Book (DTB), has been issued as a draft standard for trial use and a new title of Authoring and Interchange Framework Specification. The standard has been significantly changed in its approach and scope to match the technology changes that have taken place in digital content and to make it both modular and extensible. Learn how the standard has separated the authoring and distribution aspects and has created a model that is relevant not only to the creation of accessible content, but through a catalog of profiles can be used for e-books in general, news and magazine articles, and office type documents. Find out how the Z39.86 standard and the new EPUB 3 specification work together.

  • June 13:  ISO TC 46 Work Update
    In May 2011 the ISO Technical Committee 46, the ISO committee responsible for standards in the area of Information and Documentation, held its annual meeting of TC46 representatives and working groups. Join us this month to hear an update from that meeting by NISO Managing Director Todd Carpenter.
  • July: No Call
  • August 8: No Call

  • September 12: SUSHI servers
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    Oliver Pesch, co-chair of the SUSHI Standing Committee, will provide an update of recent SUSHI activities and vendor adoption. He will also describe the recent output of the "SUSHI server" subgroup, which has created materials intended to to simplify the testing of SUSHI clients. The SUSHI servers subgroup has created recommendations and technical guidelines for SUSHI servers to adopt a standardized approach for offering test access to their service, and has introduced a simple report that allows the SUSHI Server to report its status to the client. These recommendations will allow SUSHI clients to better communicate with SUSHI servers and receive usage data with a minimum of interruptions and troubleshooting.
  • October 17: PIE-J Update (NISO Open Teleconference)
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    Cindy Hepfer, co-chair of the PIE-J (Presentation and Identification of E-Journals) Working Group, and member Regina Reynolds will provide an update of their work on developing a recommended practice for the Presentation and Identification fo E-Journals.

  • November 14: E-Books Annotation Sharing and Social Reading
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  • December 12: NISO E-Books Special Interest Group
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