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Winter 2011, v.23, no.1

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Article Title: Establishing Suggested Practices Regarding Single Sign On (ESPReSSO) Working Group
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Author(s): Heather Ruland Staines is Senior Manager eOperations at Springer Science + Business Media. Harry Kaplanian is Director of Research and Innovation at Serials Solutions. Kristine Ferry is Director of Web Services at the University of California, Irvine Libraries.
doi: 10.3789/isqv23n1.2011.09
Citation: Staines, Heather Ruland, Harry Kaplanian, and Kristine Ferry. Establishing Suggested Practices Regarding Single Sign On (ESPReSSO) Working Group. Information Standards Quarterly, 2011 Winter, 23(1):34-37.
Abstract: In 2009, NISO launched a new Chair’s Initiative; then Chair Oliver Pesch identified the issue of perfecting a seamless, item-level linking through single sign-on authentication technologies in a networked information environment. The ESPReSSO working group looked into how and why authentication to licenses or protected contenct had become so complex. The current environment negatively impacts the library community, publisher community, and end users. Among the recommendations in the group's forthcoming NISO Recommended Practice are intended to provide users with a consistent experience across a multitude of sites and situations, reduce user confusion and aborted sessions during the discovery/login process, be straightforward and easy to implement for both identity provider and service provider sites.