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Information Standards Quarterly

ISSN: 1041-0031

Summer & Fall 2015, v.27, no.2-3

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Article Title: The Ongoing Challenges of Citing the Results of Scholarly Research
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Author(s): Maureen C. Kelly
Citation: Kelly, Maureen C. The Ongoing Challenge of Citing Scholarly Research. Information Standards Quarterly, Summer & Fall 2015, 27(2-3): pp. 12-19.

Research results have long been communicated by being neatly wrapped in a journal article and packaged in a journal issue, but over the past half century, technology has driven significant changes in that paradigm. Over the last ten years we have seen a more substantive shift in publishing and library practices as e-journals have largely replaced print journals in libraries and in the economics of scholarly publishing. Over that time, we have also seen a refocusing away from the journal and journal issue as the container for scholarly content. Now, the focus is on electronic databases of articles where the journal and issue information are used simply as supporting metadata. As changes have occurred, standards have followed, says Kelly, who looks at various challenges to citing research and its resultant data, and some initiatives that have taken on the challenge.


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