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E-Book Bibliographic Metadata Requirements in the Sale, Publication, Discovery, and Preservation Supply Chain (E-Book Metadata) Working Group

This NISO Working Group will collect the minimal metadata requirements necessary to describe e-books in order to support sales, discovery, delivery, deaccessioning, and preservation, and identify the most effective and efficient way for metadata to be moved through the entire supply chain. This project will help the creators and managers of bibliographic records to cooperate to minimize duplication of work and ensure overall quality of metadata.

Working Group's Initial Reading List was mentioned on the NISO Open Teleconference, September 11, 2017

Working Group Members:

Approved by the NISO Content and Collection Management Topic Committee December 14, 2016


Ravit David
E-book Service Coordinator and metadata librarian 
Scholars Portal, University of Toronto


Alistair Morrison
Library Applications Manager
Sheridan Libraries of Johns Hopkins University


Beat Barblan
Director of Identifier Services, Bowker

Magaly Bascones
Service Manager - Jisc Knowledge Base Plus (KB+)

Becky Culbertson
Cataloging Librarian - California Digital Library
University of California, San Diego

Marilyn Durkee
Cataloging Manager/GOBI Library Solutions
YBP Library Services

Thea James
Associate Director, Digital Customer Operations
Penguin Random House

Amy Kirchhoff
Archive Service Product Manager

Betty Landesman

Erica Leeman
Metadata Associate
MIT Press



Frank McDermott
Manager, Data Services
John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

Sara Newell
Product Manager for Data Ingest
OCLC Online Computer Library Center

Bridget Page
Product Manager, Discovery & Metadata Solutions
EBSCO Information Services

Patricia Payton
Senior Manager Provider Relations
ProQuest and Bowker

Paul Swanson
Technology Director

Joshua Tallent
Director of Outreach and Education
Firebrand Technologies 

Jodi Williamschen
Metadata Specialist
Library of Congress