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Improving OpenURLs Through Analytics



NISO RP-21-2013, Improving OpenURLs Through Analytics (IOTA): Recommendations for Link Resolver Providers

NISO TR-05-2013, IOTA Working Group Summary of Activities and Outcomes


Group Conducted Project to Evaluate Metrics

The OpenURL Quality Metrics Working Group -- otherwise known as IOTA (Improving OpenURLs Through Analytics) built on the work by Adam Chandler (Database Management and Electronic Resources Research Librarian, Central Library Operations, Cornell University Library) to investigate the feasibility of creating industry-wide, transparent and scalable metrics for evaluating and comparing the quality of OpenURL implementations across content providers. The catalyst for this was a 2008/2009 Mellon Planning Grant (http://hdl.handle.net/1813/23171). A blog (http://openurlquality.blogspot.com/) was established by Chandler to chronicle the progress. Log processor and reporting software was also put in production (http://openurlquality.niso.org/). At the time this project was orginally proposed in November 2009, the reporting system included data from Cornell University’s link resolver and a month of EBSCO link resolver log data. The project, envisioned as a two-year project, included at the end of two years an evaluation process to be conducted and a decision made on whether or not to continue the initiative, to be provided in a published NISO Technical Report.  In 2013 the Working Group decided to finish its work following the publication of the Technical Report and Recommended Practice

This proposal was reviewed and approved by the Business Information Topic Committee in December 2009 and moved to the portfolio of the Discovery to Delivery Topic Committee in 2011.