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Establishing Suggested Practices Regarding Single Sign-On

PUBLISHED OCTOBER 2011: NISO RP-11-2011   Download PDF  PDF



SSO (Single Sign-On) Authentication is NISO's 2009 Chair's Initiative

The Chair's Initiative is a project of the chair of NISO's Board of Directors, focusing on a specific issue that would benefit from study and the development of a research study, recommended practice, standard, or similar. This year, Oliver Pesch (Chair, NISO Board of Directors, and Chief Strategist, EBSCO Information Services) has identified user authentication as the issue that he would like to see that NISO address, and specificially the question of "perfecting single-sign-on (SSO) authentication to achieve seamless item-level linking through SSO technologies in a networked information environment."

The original proposal for this initiative was finalized and sent to NISO's Voting Members for approval following NISO's February 11, 2009 webinar "SSO Authentication: Understanding the Pieces of the Puzzle." The proposal was approved by the Discovery to Delivery Topic Committee--which manages this project--on March 16, 2009 and then by the NISO membership in April 2009. The Working Group for this initiative is currently being formed; NISO Working Group participation is not limited to NISO members. People interested in joining the working group can contact the NISO office; if you would like to follow the work of this group, please join the affiliated interest group list at www.niso.org/lists/ssoinfo/.

The goal of this work item is to explore practical solutions for improving the success of SSO authentication technologies for providing a seamless experience for the user and to promote the adoption of one or more of these solutions to make the access improvements a reality. To achieve this objective, the SSO Authentication Working Group will explore the problem and deliver one or more Recommended Practice documents describing possible solutions and to implement an education and adoption plan for encouraging implementation of the solution(s).


November, 2011 • The Charleston Conference
ESPRESSO (Establishing suggested practices regarding Single sign on) Update
, Heather Ruland Staines

June, 2011 • NASIG
Using ESPReSSO [Establishing Suggested Practices Regarding Single Sign On] to Streamline Access
, Andy Ingham

June, 2011 • Society for Scholarly Publishing
ESPRESSO (Establishing suggested practices regarding Single sign on) Update
, Heather Ruland Staines

March, 2011 • Electronic Resources & Libraries
ESPRESSO (Establishing suggested practices regarding Single sign on) Update
, Heather Ruland Staines

January 10, 2011 • ALA Midwinter Meeting
ESPReSSO: Establishing Suggested Practices Regarding Single Sign-On

Presentation by Heather Staines, Springer Science + Business Media.

SSO Authentication: NISO New Work Item Proposal

This new work item proposal accompanied the NISO Voting Member ballot opened March 23, 2009, and approved April 2009.

SSO Authentication: Understanding the Pieces of the Puzzle

NISO Webinar, February 11, 2009
This page includes additional resource links, event slides, and the event Q&A.

SSOinfo: SSO Authentication Interest Group List
SSOinfo is an open list available for anyone interested in NISO's SSO Authentication Working Group. SSOinfo serves as a way to communicate regularly about the work of the group, to solicit feedback, as a forum for questions, and more.

2010 Charleston Conference
November 4, 2010: Simplify your Single Sign On: Libraries, Publishers, and Federations Working Together
Speakers: Heather Ruland Staines (Springer Science + Business Media), David Kennedy (Johns Hopkins Library), & Barry Johnson (Clemson Computing and Information Technology)